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12306 online ticket purchase process

2018-05-14 00:00:18

With the continuous development of the Internet era, online ticket buying is no longer a rare thing. Convenient and quick online ticket buying not only avoids the waste of time, but also improves the efficiency of buying and selling tickets. 12306 is an important window for serving customers and provides a wide range of ticket purchase intervals for the masses. So, how to buy tickets online again on 12306 network? Please listen to the following details.






Enter 12306 in the search bar, find [China Customer Service] in the box and click to enter.


Click [ticket purchase] in the lower left corner of the page to enter the ticket purchase window and log in. (If you do not register, register first, the registration process is very simple, Xiaobian will not be introduced here)


Enter the origin and destination respectively, as well as the departure time and click [query], the system will select the train number that meets the query according to the selection. Xiaobian query is to the train ticket, display the results as shown in the figure. (Of course, you can also screen the train number type, which can better narrow the search scope of your friends)


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Enter the ticket purchase page, fill in the passenger information and verification code, click [Submit order]. (The order should be confirmed repeatedly, so as not to cause a ticket error)


To make online payment, select the bank card for payment, fill in the payment account and verification code, click Next, and enter the last four digits to accept the verification code. (The payment time is 45 minutes, you have to complete the payment within the specified time)


As shown in the figure, fill in the verification code and click Pay to complete the payment. (Xiaobian will not point here, the specific process has been demonstrated)


If you are concerned about whether the ticket purchase is successful, you can check the completed bill in [My 12306].

Matters needing attention

Please check your personal information before purchasing tickets to avoid ticket mistakes.


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