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7 days vacation

2018-02-24 17:36:00

Year after year, summer vacation is coming again, whether the college friends and the college entrance examination friends are ready to go out with a playmate or the other half to have a good time? The following is my seven-day tour and the route, I hope to help you


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My starting point is, there are four men and three women, the natural couple party is there, but I am the kind of excluded... In order to increase the fun of the trip, we chose to go by train, but because we bought tickets too late, we had to choose hard seats. The train journey of more than ten hours began to be curious, pleasant, and joyful for us. The middle of the night is hard for us, uncomfortable, tired. So I suggest that when you take the train, you should choose a sleeping berth. The hard seat was too painful, so we cleverly chose the plane for the return trip. Our means of transportation during the journey are all kinds of cars and buses


About accommodation. When we first arrived, the room we booked online was not a wine type, it was an apartment type, where the room was inside an apartment with normal residents. The two floors of our Lord are full of wine. Should be the wine is in the style of the apartment, the room is not expensive, a big bed room 120 or so, people who go out to travel can basically afford the Lord. But to the Erhai lake around, where the sea view room is very expensive, two rooms spent close to 2000 yuan or so. To be honest, it doesn't have the same sea-view feeling, but I reluctantly accepted it for the experience. However, the accommodation in these few places is very normal room rates, a little more than one hundred a night. But there is a problem, it is best to go early to book the room, because it is a very popular tourist attraction, booking late may not have a place oh.


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