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9 movies that improve women's taste and emotional intelligence

2018-03-14 12:48:30

A woman's destiny depends on her own planning and grasp. Emotional intelligence makes women more attractive, more feminine, and more integrated with the rest of society. Emotional intelligence enables women to obtain sweet love. Perfect marriage, let a woman live more mature, more elegant, more refined. Taste and emotional intelligence determine a woman's life, here are 9 movies to promote women's taste and emotional intelligence.


"The Devil Wears Prada," "Out of Africa," "Iron Lady: Strong and Tender," "Legally Blonde," "Amelie," "Coco Chanel," "Little Miss Sunshine," "Fuso Girl," "La Vie en Rose."


The Devil Wears Prada's first social debut, Andrea Sanchez, auditioned for RUNWAY, a prestigious fashion magazine, and got permission from editor-in-chief Miranda Presley to make her her second assistant. At the beginning, Andrea felt very aggrieved, even if she worked hard, she could not be appreciated, and she rebuilt herself with the advice of an old man. The work is getting better and better, and even replaces the position of the first assistant in Milanda's heart, and decides to take this smart girl to France. But Andrea's change makes her lose the love of her boyfriend and friends, making her very conflicted. After arriving in France, she learned that Miranda's status is not guaranteed, did not expect Miranda to sacrifice his good partner for many years to keep his status, this matter makes Andrea deeply disappointed, have the idea of leaving, in the end Andrea will go where?


Karen is a vain rich girl, in order to get a baroness title she left her native Denmark to marry East Africa Kenya, but the baroness title did not bring Karen a happy marriage life. Fortunately, in that vast land, Karen could often go out hunting and exploring, and she gradually fell in love with this magical land. During a hunting accident, Karen meets a young English nobleman named Dennis. After the breakdown of her marriage and the departure of her husband, Karen takes on the task of running the manor independently. In the process of labor, Karen gradually develops a deep relationship with the servants in the plantation, and her relationship with Dennis seems to have made progress. However, the god of fate did not let Karen smooth sailing from now on, a fire made her have to sell the manor to ease the financial constraints, and then the death of Dennis in a plane accident again gave her a heavy blow. After experiencing the trials of life, Karen finally bid farewell to the land where she shed her youth and passion...


The Iron Lady: Strong and Tender, Thatcher, an octogenarian who suffers from Alzheimer's disease, often switches between hallucinations and memories. She felt the constant presence of her beloved husband, who had long since died. As the daughter of groceries, she was often looked down upon by the world because of her poor background. However, after listening to the speech of the Conservative Party, she strengthened her political beliefs and entered the University of Oxford with excellent results. Although she was defeated in a parliamentary election, she gained sincere love and accompanied him, and firmly established her political life path. From then on, she gradually rose to the position of leader of the Conservative Party. Finally, the Conservative Party won the election, and she became the first female prime minister in British history, forming her own cabinet. In the face of the complicated international situation, her free market policy was also criticized, but she used exceptional wisdom and super endurance to overcome the situation of the left, the right and the right, and saved the British economy and defended the territorial sovereignty of the world, known as the Iron Lady.


Although Ellie has the enviable beauty of others - blonde, white skin, tall, proficient in dressing, like a beautiful Barbie doll. Her beauty and lively personality make Ellie a perfect girl. Her boyfriend, Werner, is also a good man, with a rich background and good looks. Two people are very matched, but I can't think of Warner did not regard Ellie as a lifelong partner, in his eyes, Ellie is just a vase, in addition to beautiful, so he went to Harvard Law School, dumped Ellie, and the old girlfriend to pick up the old love. Allie is not willing, try every means also admitted to Harvard, she wants to use action to prove that he is not merely appearance. Harvard study life is very boring, and the blonde beauty is discriminated against everywhere. To everyone's surprise, Allie was clever enough to do a career.


Amelie Blanc, a French girl, has never enjoyed the warmth of her family, and her childhood was spent alone and lonely. When he was eight years old, his mother died in an accident, and his heartbroken father became autistic and lost in his own world. None of this affected Emily's optimistic outlook on life. Princess Diana tragically died in a car accident. Emily suddenly realizes that life is so fragile and short, she decides to influence the people around her, bring them joy, and then begins a series of hilarious projects to help people.


"Coco Chanel" tells the life of legendary fashion designer Coco Chanel, through the technique of interjection to show her struggle and emotional experience, let the world understand how this unique master poured his own effort and value into her products. The film also briefly reflects the changes in European society. The values of the Chanel brand and its appeal will be better understood through this film - character determines the work.


The Hoover family of six personalities are very strange, each has his own problems, but at the same time, no one is willing to take the time to listen to others' problems, so the family table often becomes the battlefield where quarrels erupt. Until one day, the 7-year-old daughter Oliver heard the news of the "Little Miss Sunshine" beauty contest on the radio during the interval of everyone's argument, and issued a scream of excitement, finally temporarily calmed the fierce argument that was going on. At Oliver's urging, the Hoovers decided to accompany her on a dream journey, driving the long distance from Albuquerque to California to participate in the "Little Miss Sunshine" pageant. Along the way, in addition to dealing with the technical problems of the family's aging Volkswagen station wagon, the Hoovers will have to undergo spiritual tests. On this road to find a dream for her little daughter, everyone's dreams are constantly colliding and collapsing. The father who has been convinced of his success has become a loser who was scorned by himself, his brother who vowed dumb for flight dreams for 9 months suffered the collapse of his dream, Oliver's big jump in the game grandpa rehearsed for her striptease drew boos from the audience, his uncle who failed to kill his emotional career met his old lover and rival, And Grandpa who overdosed and died and his big joke with the world. The experiences of a family of "losers" along the way allow us to redefine success and failure in mainstream values: life goes on, everything is not only win or lose two results.


Fuso Flower Girl, 1965, Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture. Coal has become the main source of energy in place of the oil that has been mined for generations, and countless people have lost their jobs as former coal mines shut down. In order to make Iwaki city prosperous again, the preparation plan of Joban Hawaii Entertainment came out. Kimiko is an ordinary high school student. Her mother Chiyo and brother Yoji both work in a coal mine, while her father died in a mine accident. Entertainment raised hula girls, friends early Miao took Ji meizo together to meet. At the hula seminar, the girls saw the barp-swinging dance for the first time and ran away in fear. Only Kimiko, Sanae, Hatsuko and Sayuri remained. For entertainment, Yoshimoto invited dance teacher Maduka from Tokyo. The teacher did not like the rural place at first, and the ridiculous arrangement of teaching a group of students with no basic knowledge to dance in a few months annoyed her even more. However, the enthusiasm of Ji Meizo and others was infected, she began to go all out to teach, and gradually walked out of the shadow of her life.


"La Vie en Rose" tells the story of Edit Garsson is an acrobat and a street singer's daughter, childhood family poverty, by the street singing started, the nightclub owner from the street corner found this musical genius, and renamed her little lark, her life is full of romance and sadness, both Paris and New York's hot carnival music house. There are also a series of tumultuous love stories. And the terrible pain of the plane crash that killed his child and loved boxer Michael Hidan. She eventually landed at Carnegie Hall in New York and became the Queen of Chanson, France's most famous pop singer. She made it to the top of the song stage and became a true international superstar. She is the embodiment of traditional French songs. In 1963. On the night before her death, she dimly saw his young child and her lover... Her funeral was held in Paris, with tens of thousands of people following on foot to the Lachaise cemetery where she was buried.