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【 Folding car 】 How to maintain the folding car

2018-03-02 03:12:00

Folding bikes are a category that belongs to bicycles, folding bikes. The general folding car is composed of a frame folding joint and a vertical folding joint. By folding the frame, the front and back wheels are folded together in half, which can reduce the length of about 45%. The whole vehicle can be folded into the boarding box and folding bag, as well as the trunk of the car, folding car has become a urban fashion. The following share how to maintain the folding car, I hope it will be useful to you.


The plating on the folding car is chromium plating, which not only increases the appearance of the folding car, but also the service life, and should be protected at ordinary times. Wipe often. Generally speaking, it is appropriate to wipe once a week, wipe off the dust with cotton yarn or soft cloth, and then add some transformer oil or oil to wipe, if the rain is soaked in blisters, it should be washed in time, dry, and then add some oil. You shouldn't ride too fast. Usually, the fast wheels will lift the gravel on the ground, forming a great impact on the rim, so that the rim is damaged. Serious rust holes in the rim are mostly caused by this reason. Folding car electroplating can not be in contact with salt, hydrochloric acid and other substances, and should not be placed in the place of soot baking. If the plating is rusty, it can be gently wiped off with a little toothpaste. Do not wipe the galvanized layer such as the strip, because a dark gray basic zinc carbonate layer generated on the surface can protect the internal metal from corrosion.


How to fold the life of the car tire The road surface is mostly high in the middle on both sides of the low, folding car driving, must be on the right side. Therefore, the left side of the tire is often more worn than the right side. At the same time, because the center of gravity is back, the rear wheels generally wear faster than the front wheels. If the new tire is used for a period of time, the front and rear tires are replaced, and the left and right directions are changed, so that the tire life can be achieved.


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Folding car chain slip treatment Folding car chain for a long time will appear the phenomenon of sliding teeth. This is due to the wear of one end of the chain hole, such as the following methods can solve the problem of sliding teeth. Because the chain hole has four directions by friction, so as long as the joint is opened, turn the circle, the inner ring of the chain into the outer ring, the damaged side is not directly in contact with the size of the gear, it is no longer slipping.

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