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A Christmas wish with the highest happiness index

2018-05-04 20:48:14

It's Christmas time to express your blessings to the people around you. Here are some Christmas greetings with the highest happiness index.


I believe that in this world, there is destined to be a person born for you; I also believe that someone is destined to come for me. A look back at you in the past life makes me miss you so far, following your footsteps wandering this life. I think we are the only one waiting for each other. I wish you a merry Christmas!


"Ten layers of single as a layer of cotton", cold winter, pure cotton is the hard truth. "A good word three winter warm, bad words hurt June cold" sincere greetings, innocence is the hard truth! Cotton warm words warm heart, pure heart is the hard truth. I wish you a merry Christmas!


If "2012" is true, it would be a romantic thing. When the mountains have no edges, when the rivers no longer flow, when time stops distinguishing between the sun and the moon, everything on the earth becomes empty. The point is: I still couldn't break up with you then. I wish you a merry Christmas!


I have no sweet words, I will only hold you when you cry for you to wipe the tears of the eyes; Laugh with you when you are happy; Stay by your side when you are asleep, don't let anything disturb your sweet dreams...... I'm willing to stay with you like this. I wish you a merry Christmas!


Shake all the wind chimes, not to blow, just to touch your fingertips; Fly all your wishes, not for missing, only to stick to your warmth; Pray for eternal happiness, not for the next life, only for this life with you. I wish you a merry Christmas!


After Christmas, the weather is colder faster, hope you remember the sun to sun, quilt also to cover, often eat tofu vegetables, maintain a good attitude, do not learn bad, so lovely, I wish you a happy mood forever!


I -- Inject into L -- Loyal, Observant, V -- Valiant, E -- Enjoyment, Y -- Yes, Obligation, U -- Unison### # So love is commitment, loyalty, heart, courage, joy, willingness


Today's Christmas, filled with a car of happiness to let the way, abandon all the troubles to let happiness embrace with you, store all the warmth to drive away the cold, release the true feelings of life to let happiness always smile at you!


Snowy days, I not only miss you, with hope and loneliness, there are endless thoughts between the fingers, beautiful Christmas, detailed and night, a person went far far, write a small poem of love, may you go to bed warm and sweet......


If you believe that angels are in the world, then the flying snow is the light wings of angels; If you believe that Santa Claus will come, then my warm wishes are the most beautiful gift: Merry Christmas!


Christmas should be a time of banked-up fines, the scent of flowers and wine, good talk, good memories and loyalties renewed. But if all else is lacking - love will do.


May I be the brightest star in the night sky, accompanying you every night, when you feel tired and look up at the stars, the stars in the sky are my endless blessings to you, I wish you a merry Christmas and happiness