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A toast of wine etiquette

2018-02-24 08:00:00

China has a rich culture of liquor toasting, and with the increase of international exchanges, red wine, which used to be a traditional Western drink, has increasingly appeared on Chinese people's tables. Therefore, when drinking red wine, learning how to toast has become a key link in red wine etiquette.


When to toast If it is a banquet, a toast is usually made by the host to welcome the guests before the banquet begins. Others usually start toasting when the main course is finished and dessert is served. However, in informal occasions, the timing of the toast can be determined by the toasting person, and the toaster can raise his or her glass at any time to express wishes or congratulations to others. According to tradition, the hostess or host is usually the first to toast, but this only applies to formal occasions. In informal occasions, such as dinner with friends, it is often the guest who is the first to toast, which is to express gratitude to the host. It is important to note that whoever is toasting should ensure that there is wine in each glass.


When the host toasts, he should raise his glass and stand, and attract the attention of the guests present. No matter how noisy the party is, one should politely say, "Attention, please! Please listen to me!" Sitting or standing Whether to toast sitting or standing up should depend on the situation. If the toast is made before the meal and in the living room, the person toasting can stand up and toast. If it is a meal, if there are fewer guests, the toasting person can sit down to toast, and if there are more guests, they should stand up to toast, so that the person being toasted can hear the toast. At the same time, if you toast to newlyweds, leaders or elders, you also need to stand up and toast. When being toasted, the person being toasted does not need to stand, just accept with a smile and say "thank you". Then, stand up and raise your glass to your host or someone else.


Toast A toast should be short and appropriate. The first person to toast at the banquet should prepare a short speech, the content of the speech can be memories, banquet-related stories or jokes, as long as it fits the atmosphere of the banquet. In general, humor that enlivens the atmosphere is essential. If you find it difficult to say a toast, choosing to join the group toast will be a good choice. Several people raise their glasses together and shout "Cheers to ××" not only eliminates the complicated toast, but also enlivens the atmosphere. How to clinking glasses in the toast will generally clinking glasses, but the use of tall cup mouth is very thin and brittle, the cup mouth is easy to break, therefore, when toasting, should be palm relative, cup mouth fork, try to use the cup belly to meet, look at each other, to show respect. It is particularly worth noting that things like "Are feelings iron? Iron! Then don't worry about stomach bleeding! Is it deep? Deep! Then don't be afraid of needles!" Such words are the words of those who love wine at the banquet, but many countries in the world regard it as taboo. Therefore, when toasting, it is best to avoid cheers and binge drinking. When drinking red wine, cheers should be gentle and soothing, because real wine has its story and customs, it is a pity to swallow.