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Analysis of the causes of difficulties encountered by the electric window opening machine industry

2018-05-11 20:49:00

From the survey, we feel that due to the global economic environment and the pressure of real estate regulation, many electric window openers have also been greatly affected. In the face of raw materials, labor costs, the appreciation trend of the renminbi and the long-term bullish oil price background, the electric window opening industry in the downstream of China's real estate will face a huge test in the future. China's electric window opening machine industry, as one of the downstream industries of real estate, has also been greatly affected. In the face of these pressures, some bad enterprises do not use a large number of inferior raw materials, the production of low-quality electric window opener, in addition to the quality can not be guaranteed and damage the interests of consumers, more importantly, the entire electric window opener industry has also caused a bad impact. In this case, many brands of electric window opening enterprises have stepped up internal rectification work, in fact, this approach is the right choice, strengthen the enterprise internal management technology transformation and upgrading, waiting for the industry to warm up the day. Enterprises only learn to survive and develop in the face of adversity, and when the time comes, they will become more stable and go further and further, and those who do not meet industry standards will be eliminated by the market, it is only a matter of time. In addition, an important factor that currently affects the poor performance of China's electric window opening market is that many electric window opening enterprises do not recognize the situation and do a good job of market research, blindly expand production capacity, coupled with the internal management of the enterprise is not in place, too optimistic estimates of market expectations, resulting in the current situation. Therefore, I hope that in addition to strengthening the internal control work of the enterprise in the future, we also need to work hard in the production process and product research and development. By strengthening product independent innovation and improving product scientific and technological content, only by ensuring the quality of the product can it be recognized by the majority of consumers.