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Ancient fairy fantasy heroine novel said recommended

2018-03-12 12:48:02

As a veteran fiction fan of six or seven years, I have read too many novels in those years. I always felt panic after reading a novel in the past because I was afraid that I could not find a better novel, so I spent a lot of time on various searches and screenings. Therefore, this time I will recommend to you the ancient style through fantasy female novels, hoping that the students can solve the book shortage Love these lovely books

Old fantasy novels

"Three Lives Three Ten miles of peach Blossom" This type of maybe I recommend everyone may have seen but I still say again "Hua Xu quote" this is divided into several stories are very sadistic but particularly good looking and "Hundred ghosts" this is also divided into several stories to tell the story has a long and short nonsense I won't say more Directly recommend "Phoenix Prisoner" "Glass beauty" "not like to not Qing" "Fall flower season and meet the king" "Sauvignon Blanc" "Honey heavy embers such as frost" "Agarwood such as dust" "Wan Qing" "Sansheng, Forget Chuan no death "" life" "Sansheng wine fairy vinegar" "Vine green Luo" "Song peach blossom" "Listen to snow floor" "Glass Prajna flower" "Spring river flower Moon night" "life beauty bone"


There is a fantasy novel such as "genius son belly black maiden" this type of "Heaven enchanting" "Evil ice proud day". "Purple down another world" "genius crazy princess" "Evil eyes" "Cloud crazy" "Proud day" "Big Miss Driver" "Beauty of the Magnificent Division" Shengshi style "can think of so many hope that everyone likes it temporarily

Matters needing attention

You can use Migu and Shuqi novels to read novels that you have used on your own