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Antique art fish tank collection value is high

2018-01-01 04:48:00
When you use acrylic fish tank to raise goldfish, have you ever thought about collecting fish tanks and waiting for appreciation? When the fish tank that is usually placed at home can one day become a collection, is it not going to feel special magic? Fish tanks are also collectible. And the collection value of some fish tanks is amazing, and they are loved by collectors. Such as pottery, jade, inkstone and other materials made of fish tank, it can set ornamental value and functionality in one, its collection value is also growing year by year. Last year, the price of boutique fish tanks in a number of auction houses repeatedly hit a new high, such as a "blue and white colorful Daoist fish tank in Sichuan Zhile story", estimated at 200,000 to 300,000 yuan, and finally sold at 500,000 yuan. Does this collection value make you move? The collection value of these fish tanks is determined by the collection value of the material itself and the craft value of the fish tank. For example, the collection value of the fish tank is great as long as there are more than ten kinds of minerals in this material, which is conducive to the growth and reproduction of fish. There are green end stone fish tanks with delicate stone, tender, lubrication, and other characteristics, by the collection of the world's favor. Antique art fish tanks can generally be divided into two types: ceramic fish tanks and stone fish tanks. Although the ceramic fish tank is not large, it is beautiful and extremely suitable for viewing at home. And stone fish tanks are rich in species. And just said the end inkstone fish tank, there are jade fish tank, bluestone fish tank, white jade fish tank, marble fish tank, sandstone fish tank and so on. There will be patterns on it to increase its ornamental and collectible value. The collector of antique art fish tanks does not want to use as many acrylic fish tanks in the family, but the value of antique art fish tanks is still amazing, and I believe that his collection will climb.