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apple id password forgotten how to retrieve through the computer

2018-04-08 19:12:18

People who use apple devices have an apple id, which can be used on all Apple devices and services. If you forget this apple id password, how to retrieve it through the computer? 4 What if this apple id has not been used in the itunes store

Login homepage

First of all, log in my apple id official website through the computer browser. If you can't remember the website domain name, you can also search for the apple id to find the official website, as shown below.


Click the "Retrieve your apple id" option in the lower right corner of the homepage of the official website to enter the password recovery interface, as shown below.


Enter your surname and first name as required and the email address used for registration, click [Next], you can enter the interface of selecting verification method, as shown below.

Email verification retrieval method

Select the email verification method in the interface of selecting verification method, and click [Next], the system will send an email to the registered email address to reset the password, as shown below.


Log in to the mailbox to find the email, and you can see the hyperlink button of "Reset now" in the body of the email, as shown in the picture below.


Click the "Reset now" button, you can log in to the apple id official website to reset a new password, as shown in the picture below.

Security prompt problem verification retrieved

You can also select "Answer security prompt question" in the select authentication mode interface to obtain the right to reset the password, as shown in the figure below.


After clicking [Next], the system will display some security issues used when registering an apple id account at that time, as shown in the figure below.


If you can answer the security prompt questions correctly, you can also enter the recharge password interface, as shown in the following figure.