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Basic principles of good web design

2018-05-14 12:48:56

A good web design has some basic principles


Be able to surf the Internet


Understand the site


Interested in building a station


1. Determine the content of the web design


An excellent wind station should have a clear theme, the whole website around this theme, that is, you have to make clear what purpose your website has before web design, what to do, all pages are produced around this content, with a clear content has a very important role in ranking.


2. Know the customers in your industry.


The user is the key to the success or failure of a website, if the user has to spend a lot of time to enter your website it is likely that the user will immediately turn off your website, or your website operation is very inconvenient users will immediately leave, this website is a very failed design, will only let the user leave disappointed.


3. Be a typical user. Do not experience the website as a user to find problems, just know those who need to improve, try not to let customers to find problems, in the early design should solve these problems, to do the Internet you must do a professional networm, to do search you must search more than 200 words a day.


4 Optimizing Content


Content is the core of the entire site. The content of the website must be clearly arranged before the website design. In short, excellent web design is to be built on the basis of ordinary, honest to understand and analyze the needs of users; Honestly to find out the user's existence and core problems and important problems; Take the simplest way to solve this problem. If these are done, the wonderful product itself is a natural process. The understanding of good design has different experiences with the improvement of technology and the honing of practice.