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Bathroom decoration nine taboo

2018-05-13 06:24:22

Bathroom as a necessary space in the home, its layout and climate, economic conditions, culture, living habits, family composition and so on have a very close. Bathroom decoration can not be underestimated! It is closely related to the health and fortunes of the family, and the following Xiaobian has sorted out the nine taboos of bathroom decoration, hoping to give friends who are ready to decorate a reference.


Bathroom decoration taboo 1: Avoid windowless bathroom decoration pay attention to ventilation, so taboo windowless, and when necessary, you can also place some potted plants and incense in the bathroom to remove the taste of the bathroom.


Bathroom decoration taboo two: eye-catching color Because the bathroom belongs to water in the five elements, so the corresponding should be gold white, metal color and water black, blue, gray, all have red and purple color so that people will have a restless mood.


Toilet decoration taboo three: too much lighting bathroom decoration is generally used incandescent lamps, simple and bright. When necessary, some warm color wall lamps can be installed, so as to build a warm atmosphere, but it is not appropriate to decorate with complicated lamp types to prevent accidents.


Bathroom decoration taboo four: The exposure of the line is very humid in the bathroom, and the exposure of the line is a great security risk, so we must pay attention to the decoration.


Bathroom decoration taboo five: bathroom door should not rush the door of the bathroom door should not be any door of the residence, especially not hedge with the entrance door of the residence. Since the entrance door is the air outlet, it is the place where the anger is inhaled, the anger should be gently active in the residence.


Toilet decoration taboo six: The direction of the toilet should not be consistent with the direction of the residence The direction of the toilet is not consistent with the direction of the residence. This violation of the taboo of the toilet and the same direction of the home may cause family members to present health questions.


Bathroom decoration taboo 7: Bath room should not be located in the residence living in what is often called a person's heart location, and the bathroom is a "dirty" place, but when the heart of a heart is covered by dirty things, it must have a certain impact on health, so the home is the same.


Bathroom decoration taboo eight: Bathroom equipment do not irregular shape in our family is generally compared with the standard rectangle and square, do not use triangle or irregular shape, so the use of bad luck.


Bathroom decoration taboo nine: Bathroom door should not be relative to the kitchen in the five elements between water, and the kitchen is fire, water and fire, so the bathroom door should be prevented from being relative to the kitchen. And the bathroom is a "dirty" place, the kitchen is the local cooking food, even if you do not think about the elements of feng shui, these two are necessary to avoid.