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Batman: The Dark Knight Rises Chapter 5: Mission 2

2018-03-14 14:24:00

A series of works on the iOS platform is "Batman: Arkham Asylum", but the gameplay of the row to row really makes many players feel that this is just a skimpy game with a big name. This "Batman: The Dark Knight Rises" finally returns to the traditional style of action, what is the quality of this work, do not say much, please follow Xiabian together into the long-lost Gotham City.


Task 2 Police headquarters, after the dialogue continues to the yellow main mission markers on the map, the rescue tasks along the way completely ignore, these are branch cleaning tasks.



After arrival, the story is triggered, and after the story is in a small area, it is suggested that the following warehouse needs to save the hostage. Without saying a word, jump directly from the top of the warehouse, triggering a short story after the bat brother broke the window and entered, easily solve the enemy to save the hostage, after coming out temporarily do not get too close to the middle of the high-rise building, first to the next two warehouses to save a hostage, there are always two enemies, be careful that the hostage is killed.



After the three hostages are rescued, pull to the top of the middle building, eliminate two enemies in the roof room, there is a monitor switch, turn it off. Then jump down at the marked point behind the house, and there is a mirror that can be broken to destroy anyone you see, and the last enemy is destroyed to trigger the plot.



Break the mirror and enter, destroy all the enemies, and then rush towards the mark - bridge, along the way may be some small soldiers missed, all solved, wait 5 seconds after arrival, return to Gotham City. Head for the red mark on the bridge.