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Beautiful shooting location, four ~ later make up

2018-02-25 16:00:00

I have been here for a few years, like to go out and play, like to go to different places, but there are always some beautiful places to linger


1. Autumn fishing West Gate location: Haidian District Sanlihe Road fishing State Guesthouse on the east side of the wall Features: Every autumn from October to November, high ginkgo leaves on both sides fall, golden leaves covered the ground, walking here seems to enter the romantic golden world. Tip: If possible, it is best to go from Monday to Friday, and there are more people on Saturday and Sunday, which may affect the effect.


2. The ruins of the World Scenery Park near the road: 1.2 km south of Lianyu Bridge, Xiaotun Road, Fengtai District, behind the building Materials City. Features: In the 1990s, during the construction boom of urban artificial landscape, the World Landscape Garden, which was once known as the largest man-made landscape project, began planning and construction, and then stopped due to financial problems, becoming a unfinished project. Today, it has become a photographer's paradise, with high Roman Columns, mottled steps, and mysterious old castles becoming rare materials for photographic composition. Tip: Because the ruins may be demolished at any time, please check the Internet before going. In addition, many buildings in the park are in disrepair, so be sure to pay attention to safety when taking photos.


3.798 Art site: No. 4 Jiuxianqiao Road, District. Features: This used to be the state-owned 798 electronics, and now the huge room is rented by artists as a creative space. Mottled rooms, huge equipment, post-modern sculptures constitute a special artistic atmosphere here, which is very suitable for portrait photography. At the same time, there are many galleries here, and there are often photography exhibitions, and you can also visit and learn here. Tip: You can take subway Line 10 and get off at Bridge Station and take a taxi (about 15 yuan).


4. IKEA IKEA Location: District Four Yuan North Point. Features: This is a Swedish furniture, but the open shopping environment, simple style and soft lighting make this an ideal portrait "studio", attracting many photography enthusiasts. You can take full advantage of the sofas, tables, chairs and lighting inside, allowing models to shoot high-quality portraits in a relaxed atmosphere. Tip: The light is not a professional photography light after all, it is recommended to take a large aperture lens to. These are the photography holy land, foreign users do not have to be sad, in fact, all over the country have their own copycat version of the photography holy land, as long as you are willing to search in the local photography forum, there will be harvest.


The fourth one I didn't find a good picture to put up, the next time I go back, bring the photographer, take a good picture and put up. I hope my share, everyone can like ~ together to shoot ah ~~~