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Beauty School ~ Facial Care 22-step massage technique

2018-02-25 06:24:00

Massage technique is achieved by massage technique. Medical scientists have a famous saying: "hands no work, massage empty; There is merit in the hand, and Qi and blood are all through." If you want to be successful, you must master the skills of beauty manipulation. Can not think that as long as there is a strong hand on the line, do not understand the essentials of the technique, blind force will cause adverse consequences. Meridian massage, the work in the wrist, beautician massage to do strong, soft, uniform, lasting, qi. Let's take a look at Xicheng District Xuanwumen Fuzhuo Building Hong Kong and Taiwan famous mentor's facial care explanation


Beautician massage technique massage oil


Pull the three line point temple, three line: the corners of the mouth to the ear, the nose to the ear, the forehead to the temple effect: relax the skin full palm dress to soothe the forehead effect: remove the wrinkles


Beauty refers to walk back and forth half a circle, left temple, left hand press, right temple, right hand press, end in the middle of the forehead with the middle finger overlapping point press Yintang point, middle finger overlapping point press, beauty refers to touch the Yintang, knead the circle on both sides to the temple point press


Scissors hand lift head lines, from right to left beauty fingers alternately pull crow's feet, remove dark circles, bags under the eyes, relieve eye fatigue


Beauty refers to from the outer corner of the eye to knead the bag to the inner corner of the eye, the middle point to press the eye, save bamboo, fish waist, silk bamboo hole back to the temple point press, repeat the point of elastic eye bag to help eyebrows


Push the eyeball, the middle finger from the inner corner of the eye down, four fingers flat eyes, gently press the cheek from the inside out to go three lines, welcome incense to the sun, the cang to listen to the palace, bearing pulp to the wing wind effect: increase skin elasticity, prevent skin sagging big fish muscle knead the cheek to the temple press


Peck and pinch the three lines, middle finger up the hands in the cheek to do piano action, can not press the ear, can not touch the corners of the mouth and the outer corner of the face circle, do the appeasing action, the right face starts, the middle of the forehead ends in the direction of rubbing Su Liao, rubbing slightly red, up the eye bright, down the point to the position: remove the wrinkles of the skin


Pull up and wipe the nose and lip groove, pull up with the middle finger, wipe down with the thumb mouth around the point three points effect: relieve the mouth fatigue, dredge the blood scissors hand alternately pull the point around the mouth clamp car, index finger in the person, the palm heel must put the mouth of the whole palm to pull the chin, point wing wind point effect: prevent muscle droop


Full palm, alternately soothe the forehead effect: remove the wrinkles of the head into three sections to soothe the cheek end, eyes, corners of the mouth, jaw are from the inner corner of the eye, every 5 actions back to the last action