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Bedding plant cashmere bedding fabric is tencel and cotton blend

2018-04-18 00:00:48

Bedding plant cashmere bedding fabrics are not tencel and cotton blends. "Plant cashmere" is a new type of cotton cultivated by modern high technology. "Plant cashmere" is a new type of cotton cultivated by modern high technology. Field batting has natural color, textile application process without chemical bleaching, boiling and other processes, no pollution to the environment, skin care and health, is the real human second skin, the world recognized natural "zero pollution" green ecological textiles, the 21st century textile market "darling". Characteristics of cashmere: delicate, soft, warm - cashmere is one of the thinnest animal fibers, so the warmth is good, is 1. 5-2 times of wool. The scale of cashmere fiber is small and smooth, and there is an air layer in the middle of the fiber, so it is light in weight and smooth in the hand. The color is natural and soft - cashmere fiber fineness is uniform, the density is small, the cross section is mostly regular round, the moisture absorption is strong, can fully absorb dyes, not easy to fade. Therefore, compared with other fibers, it is easy to recognize the natural, soft, pure and gorgeous advantages of cashmere. Flexible and elastic - cashmere fiber because of its crimp number, roll curvature, crimp recovery rate are large, suitable for processing for feel full, soft, elastic good knitwear, comfortable and natural, and has good reduction characteristics, especially in the wash after the shrinkage, good shape preservation.