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Campus Anti-theft Guide

2018-04-12 03:12:54

In recent years, the number of malignant cases on campus is increasing, and the campus security is facing a serious threat. Paying attention to campus safety is an urgent problem to be solved. Next, I will introduce to you the knowledge of campus anti-theft.


Bicycles and electric vehicles must choose high-quality locks, especially locks with good anti-theft performance, and the use of bicycle double lock method, that is, each car with two locks, a lock on the rear wheel, a lock on the front wheel, double insurance to the vehicle, not to give thieves the opportunity.


In the classroom, canteen, library, gymnasium and other public places to study, eat, exercise, be sure to take good care of their valuables, do not let their valuables away from the body or out of their sight. Do not use the bag in the classroom, library, canteen and other public places to occupy seats, people leave the bag should be carried, to prevent being carried away.


Usually to protect their own keys, including dormitory, bicycle, drawer and other places of all kinds of keys, can not be casually lent to others or litter, in order to prevent uninvited guests copy or steal. If the key is lost, it should be replaced with a new lock in time.


This information is taken from experience without authorization


Crowded places should always be vigilant, especially when entering and leaving the cafeteria door and queuing to buy food, pay attention to protect the valuables carried at any time, beware of theft.