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Can a military officer kill a general

2018-04-17 16:00:16

A military officer can kill a general. The general is only the executor. The Ministry of War This is one of the six, is responsible for the military related matters, and in the Ministry of War, the position is a pyramid, the top is the Ministry of War, there is only one person, is the two products, the next is the servant, Treasury and so on. No dynasty, the army is related to national security, and the power of the Ministry of war is very great. The military Department of the book is one of the six books, do not call Dasima, the chief executive of the military, Ming Dynasty is two products, Qing Dynasty from a product. It is equivalent to presiding over the daily work of the Central Military Commission vice chairman of the military Commission and national defense. The Military Ministry of the Ming Dynasty is equivalent to the vice chairman of the military commission, the general name of national defense, the chief of the general staff and logistics, the Ming and Qing dynasties, because the military ministry under the jurisdiction of four departments, at that time, the garrison food and grass, the movement of the army and the appointment of military officials there is a similar staff of the Yamen.