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Can not miss the many female stars weight loss method of weight loss

2018-01-10 11:12:00

A lot of friends are very admire the female stars of the devil body, I am one of them! In fact, female stars will spend more effort on weight loss than usual people, but we usually do not pay attention to this aspect, then the following essential oil list Xiaobian will sum up for us many stars of advanced weight loss methods, to help you healthy and fast weight loss, to achieve the purpose of weight loss, below to see the detailed star weight loss method! First, the cause of obesity: eating high-calorie, spicy food Most leg fat people do not pay attention to diet, not only like to eat high-calorie desserts and fried food, after eating and sitting, gradually, the buttocks and thighs began to hoard fat. In addition, some people like to eat heavy food, absorb too much salt also attack leg edema. Coping measures: Control your diet, eat less high-calorie foods, and combine low fat and high fiber. And do more slimming exercises in the lower body to reduce the accumulated fat. In addition, choose a lighter diet, and drink more tea to eliminate edema, and then strengthen the lower body acupoint massage. Second, the cause of obesity: standing for a long time Some people because of the relationship between work is necessary to stand for a long time (such as the shop lady), overnight the calf muscles become very strong, and even affect beautiful. In addition, the exercise method is not correct or standing for a long time, forming turnip leg or calf edema. What to do: Take a bath to relax tight muscles, massage your calves while in the bath, and improve blood circulation to improve puffiness (if you can take a bath with essential oils, those of you who have tried them know how good they are). It is not appropriate to over-exercise the leg muscles during exercise to avoid making the muscles stronger. If you need to stand for a long time, wear elastic tights to avoid varicose veins in the lower leg, and massage the lower leg more during rest time. Third, the cause of obesity: the pants size is too large or too small skinny jeans, corset underwear and other tight clothes, and even miniskirts, sleeveless shirts and other sexy wear, will make the lower body fat. Because too tight clothing will prevent the normal movement of the legs, but also prevent the waist and leg area of blood circulation; Short skirts will make the legs cold, the same affect the blood circulation, resulting in fat accumulation. Therefore, if you want to avoid getting fat in the lower body, you must do a good job of keeping your legs warm and not wear too tight skirts and pants. If your underwear is too big, it will make the buttocks sag and expand without satisfying support, and the underwear is too small or too tight, it will squeeze out the meat, and the buttock deformation is inevitable. Countermeasures: You should choose well-fitting underwear, and practice more hip lifting exercises to polish the hip lines, so that the hip lines are tight and circulating. Four, the reason for obesity: walking posture is not right, the calf is desperately fat usually no time to exercise, walking to and from work can also be fitness. But the walking posture is not right, or the shoes are not right, not only can not reduce fat, but also become fatter, and even seriously affect the foot. For example, when walking in wooden slippers, it is completely unable to burn leg fat, but the lower leg will become thicker and stronger. Response: The correct walking posture is to stick the heels to the ground, and the toes should feel kicking. Best not to wear high heels to walk quickly, otherwise not only will the feet accept more pressure, even the spine will follow, and will go home at night. Five, the causes of obesity: sitting with legs, while leisurely while fat at this time, you can be nest in the sofa, legs reading this article. Whether at home or at home, if you sit with your legs crossed all day, you will prevent blood and lymph circulation in the legs, resulting in lower body swelling. Do not do a good job of edema care, such as massage, lower limb veins will gradually outstanding, seriously affect lower body circulation, resulting in fat thickening, even muscles will be blunt. Coping measures: In addition to getting rid of this bad sitting posture, do not sit still, but also active lower body massage. After taking a warm bath every day, massage the calves or soles with the body's special massage essential oil, whether twisting or pressing, can timely reduce the edema of the lower body and avoid fat accumulation. 6, the cause of obesity 7: long-term sedentary office workers sit for eight hours a day at work, sitting for a long time, of course, the buttocks become wider and bigger. Countermeasures: Every hour or so, you should get up and walk, and press the hip acupoint to promote the hip qi and blood circulation. When taking a bath, use the shower head water column to wash the buttocks affecting the points, and use the butt cream to protect the buttocks after taking a bath, so that the buttocks become rounded and robust. Remember to get up and move your ass. Never exercising is also a major cause of lower body weight. Fitness professors suggest that you only need to stick to muscle exercise, aerobic exercise, expansion exercise three representative exercises, can be useful to avoid lower body weight. Seven, the causes of obesity: estrogen excretion disorders lead to weight gain let you issue a woman's charm estrogen, is the culprit of the lower body fat. Hungry a full meal, random weight loss products, accidental pregnancy, etc., will make estrogen excretion disorders, resulting in fat accumulation in the abdomen and thighs, and the lower body is getting fatter.