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Car accident prevention advice

2018-05-05 06:24:36

The recent hitch incident caused panic, although the hitch was temporarily closed, but there is still a need to do strangers' cars from other ways, so how to prevent accidents?




Have friends you can fuck


Find a good car to send the license plate and owner information to a good friend, and let him (her) keep.


Before getting in the car, turn on the navigation to go where you need to go, and share the location with friends.


After getting on the car, do the back row first confirm the lock key in front of the hand, where the driver's vision is basically blind, you can casually confirm it.


In this way, the preparation work is all done, always pay attention to the navigation to see if the driver has deviated from the route, no is the best, if the deviation from the route, and the direction is remote place. (It is best to look at the map before starting the navigation that is not familiar with the surrounding environment) Then you can immediately choose to call the police, because the police uncle wants to find you with a shared location and license plate is still very convenient.


If the police are not there before he stops, lock the car door from the inside immediately. If he doesn't have his keys, lock the door and climb up to the master lock in the front driver's seat. If he doesn't get out of the car and wants to do something in the car, immediately hide behind the copilot and open the door and force him to get out.


First of all, calm down and don't panic. If you really encounter it, follow the steps above to avoid being hurt to the maximum extent. I hope my advice can help women in need.

Matters needing attention

It is best to find friends who are careful and can handle things calmly.


If you take the keys off, you're gonna have to get out the other way and run around in circles.