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Clothing foreign trade order receiving process

2018-01-10 00:00:00

At present, the textile and garment foreign trade industry is generally not prosperous, which is determined by the external climate. Therefore, for foreign trade salesmen, it is particularly important to master the skills of receiving orders!


1. Before entering the job, I must master the necessary career skills, such as fluent oral English, able to communicate with foreigners in oral English, email and other barrier-free communication, familiar with the process of garment foreign trade.


2. Actively participate in various foreign exhibitions, such as Canton Fair, foreign fashion shows, etc., and negotiate business with foreign buyers. Therefore, it is very important to prepare new clothing samples before the exhibition!


3. Customize on demand. Calculate the export cost of garments according to the sample garments of foreigners. On the basis of the basic price agreement, we actively prepare samples for foreigners until foreigners confirm and place orders.


4. Select surface materials supplier. Suppliers to choose a good reputation, good cooperation, cost-effective products. Like the waves crafts, specializing in the production and management of string, ribbon and belt clothing accessories, and more than 30 large-scale garment foreign trade cooperation, quality and reputation are guaranteed. The selection of suppliers can be introduced by friends or selected through other channels.


5. Sign garment export contracts with foreigners, and let foreigners issue export letters of credit. After customers place orders, actively prepare for mass production. Including the quality of surface accessories, clothing workmanship, washing process, etc. should meet the requirements of foreigners. At the same time, we should grasp the delivery date of clothing and try not to miss the deadline. Otherwise, there are discrepancies in the letter of credit, there will be deductions and claims risk.


6. After the garment production is finished, the ship shall arrange the shipment of the garment and the safe collection of the garment.

Matters needing attention

It is very necessary to sign formal contracts with surface accessories suppliers and garment processing, which can effectively reduce risks and ensure product quality and delivery.