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Control measures to reduce VOC and formaldehyde content

2018-04-30 03:12:38

Choose environmentally friendly coatings, low voc, formaldehyde is an important indicator in environmentally friendly coatings, but consumers should also pay attention to the physical properties of the coating, such as ratio, alkali resistance, construction and other basic functions. The ratio is the covering ability of the paint, alkali resistance refers to the alkali resistance of the paint, such as alkaline resistance is not strong, environmental protection paint is easy to yellow after a period of time. Consumers can get what they want according to their actual situation. Other control measures to reduce VOC and formaldehyde content


1, to eliminate non-environmental protection building materials;


3, installed with activated carbon air purifier;


5, put some flowers that can absorb harmful substances, they can absorb a lot of VOC.


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4. After decoration, environmental protection testing should be done to confirm that VOC does not exceed the standard, and ventilation will be moved in after one month;