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Decanter centrifuge common anomalies and maintenance

2018-04-18 20:48:59

During the operation of centrifuge, there will be various abnormal conditions, which will affect the normal production. There are many reasons for the abnormality, including mechanical, electrical automatic control and process, then the operator needs to determine the specific cause of the abnormal situation, to come up with a reasonable solution, common abnormal conditions, cause analysis and solution described in the following table. Decanter centrifuge repair, choose Vexon Machinery.


1, abnormal state: centrifuge vibration cause analysis: bearing damage solution: replace the bearing


2, abnormal state: centrifuge vibration cause analysis: dynamic balance damage, rotating parts wear, deformation, damage solution: repair wear deformation damaged parts


3, abnormal state: centrifuge vibration cause analysis: blocking machine solution: washing


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