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Decoration to taste tips four tricks to prevent gas attack

2018-05-11 19:12:38

Many people know that after home decoration, the home will produce a lot of toxic gases, which will take several months to disperse. But often the time is too long, but the effect is not satisfactory. In order to put an end to this decoration problem, Xiaobian has specially collected several tips for you to decorate and taste, four tricks are good, and fully eliminate the invasion of toxic gases.


Ventilation by opening Windows is a very effective method. Because formaldehyde mainly exists in our lives in two states: free state and combined state, of which the free state is the main form of harm to the human body. The combined state serves as a complementary source of the free state. As the name suggests, a free state is a state that is free in air. Ventilation can certainly solve this problem. But only if the wind blows. Otherwise, I'd be waiting for the wind in the middle of the night. The advantage of this method is to ensure ventilation. As long as the speed of air exchange is much greater than the speed of formaldehyde into the free state, in principle, there is no harm to the human body. Of course, this plan is not desirable in the haze days. The formaldehyde is removed and the PM2.5 is absorbed. I don't want to see the water change.


The activated carbon deodorization method is really useful, and the effect is very good. Activated carbon is cheap and practical, suitable for the majority of users. The physical adsorption of activated carbon can be absorbed thoroughly, and will not cause secondary pollution, which is really a good helper to formaldehyde. However, activated carbon is a passive adsorption method of formaldehyde removal. Moreover, activated carbon has saturation, and once it reaches saturation, it will release absorbed harmful substances through temperature changes. It needs to be replaced in time.


The reason for this method is to make use of the water-soluble properties of formaldehyde. Because formaldehyde is usually configured at a 40% concentration as formalin or disinfectant. So this plan is feasible. Let's go back to rule number one. That is, the amount of formaldehyde dissolved in water is greater than the release of formaldehyde pollution sources. Otherwise, it can be considered unnecessary. How much water to use, this depends on your formaldehyde.


Plant flavor removal method believe that many people have used, put some suitable flowers and plants at home, economical and beautiful, but also can remove the smell of formaldehyde, but also you a warm and healthy environment. The flowers placed in the room, cactus, chlorophylla, ivy, etc., can remove the formaldehyde smell very well.


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