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Detailed steps to reinstall system using CD-ROM (simple)

2018-02-22 14:24:00

Computer users with optical drive believe that they are more used to buying a CD to install their own system, but a CD does not mean that the CD installation system, now also more popular hard disk installation system, because the hard disk installation system is convenient, simple, one click can be done. Although the CD installation system is a little troublesome, but there is also a good use of optical drive, although it is a few pieces of bought CD can not be wasted, the problem is how to install it? Let's see how Doudou teaches you how to use the CD-ROM system. win7 system download: (recommended for personal use) The first step, set the CD boot: 1, start the computer, hold down the DEL key, until there is a blue background, yellow English word BIOS Settings window. 2. Select and enter the second item, BIOSSETUP (BIOS setup). Find the item or group that contains the BOOT text, and find the three items "FIRST", "SECEND", and "THIRD" in order, representing "first start", "second start", and "third start" respectively. Set this parameter to CD/DVD-ROM, Floppy, and Hard Disk in sequence. (If you do not see these three E documents on this page, usually the option menu on the right of the BOOT is "SETUP", then press enter to enter you can see) should select "FIRST" press enter key, select CD-ROM in the submenu out. Press Enter again. 3, select the boot mode, press F10 key, E dialog box appears, press "Y" key, and press enter, the computer automatically restart, proving that the changed Settings have taken effect. Step 2: Install XP from the CD 1. Insert the xp installation CD. Before restarting the computer, press Enter when the word CD appears on the screen. This is to start the optical boot, otherwise the computer will skip the optical boot from the hard disk and read the hard disk. 2, after starting the xp system CD, there will be a blue background installation interface, then the system will automatically analyze the computer information, know that the display screen before the black do not need any operation, then there will be a blue background of the Chinese interface. 3, after the above operation will appear xp system protocol, press the F8 key to agree to this protocol, after you can see the hard disk all partition information list, and there are Chinese operation instructions. Select drive C, press D to delete the partition (remember to back up the useful files of drive C before you delete the partition), change the location of drive C to unpartitioned, and press C to create a partition in the original location of drive C (that is, the unpartitioned location). The partition size does not need to be adjusted. After the original C disk position changed to "new unused" words, press the enter key to continue. Next it is possible to format partition options page, recommended to select "Format partition with FAT32 (fast)". Press Enter to continue. 4, the system formatting the C disk, after analyzing the hard disk and the previous WINDOWS operating system, followed by copying the file, about 8 to 13 minutes (depending on the configuration of the machine). 5. After the copy of the file is complete (100%), the system will automatically restart, when you see the CD-ROM..... again There is no need to press any key to make the system boot from the hard disk, because part of the installation file has been copied to the hard disk (note: the disc cannot be removed at this time). 6, there is a blue background of the color XP installation interface, the left side of the installation progress bar and remaining time display, the starting value of 39 minutes, is also determined by the configuration of the machine, usually P4, 2.4 machine installation time is about 15 to 20 minutes. 7, at the end of the installation, before the computer automatically restarts, in addition to entering the serial number and computer information (fill in freely), and hit the return 2 to 3 times, do not need to do any other operations. The system will install itself. The third step, the installation of the driver 1, after restarting, take out the CD, let the computer boot from the hard disk, enter the XP Settings window. 2. Click Next, then Skip, then select Unregister, and then Finish. 3. Access the XP desktop. 4, right-click on the desktop, choose "Properties", select the "Display" TAB, click the "Custom desktop" item, check "My computer", select "OK" exit. 5, back to the desktop, right-click on "My computer", select "properties", select "hardware" TAB, select "device manager", which is the management window of all hardware of the computer, all the options in front of the yellow question mark + exclamation mark represent the hardware that has not installed the driver, double-click to open its properties, select "reinstall the driver", put the phase should drive CD-ROM, If you select "Automatic Installation", the system will automatically identify the appropriate drivers and install them. (AUDIO is the sound card, VGA is the video card, and SM is the motherboard. The motherboard driver needs to be installed first. If no SM item is available, it does not need to be installed.) Restart your computer after all drivers are installed. The driver installation is now complete. Through the above three big steps, a dozen small steps can completely install the system on the CD to the computer. The above steps are indispensable, so it is also necessary to operate carefully, after all, the use of optical disc installation system. Here Dou Dou or recommend that you use the hard disk installation system, download a favorite system can be done with a key! I hope it was helpful.