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Doubletree by Hilton Hotel needs to pay attention to the details

2018-02-23 22:24:00

Introduce some details of Doubletree hotel by Hilton, for the first time to check in friends to provide reference.


After entering the lobby, the front right is the concierge, which is the front desk and reception of the ordinary wine. Check in, check out and ask details here.


After the room is confirmed, the service staff will ask you to fill in a statement in English and pay a 500 yuan deposit. This piece of paper must be kept properly during your stay, so you will not be able to refund the 500 yuan deposit with it when you check out.


After check-in, the service staff will give you one Hilton cookie per person, which is delicious. On the way to the elevator, you will pass the dessert section, which has a variety of cakes and Hilton's unique cookies, so don't rush to buy it. After 7 p.m., the cake will be 60 percent off, but the cookies will not be discounted, and each box of what looks like five cookies will cost 35 yuan.


After entering the elevator, the 9th floor (including) is the guest room area, and you need to swipe the room card to press the elevator. A first-time visitor would be scrambling if he didn't know. The 8th floor (including) is the following functional area, including the swimming pool, gym, cafeteria and what are in these floors, the normal use of the elevator can be.


To enter the room, you need to familiarize yourself with the room Settings. In general, it is very good, and you can experience it for the first time. Here are the details. It is strongly warned that you must carefully read the price list of items in the black wallet displayed in the room. Especially the things placed on the table tray under the TV, in addition to tea bags, coffee is free, the other can not move ah (small bag not Lao Lin sugar 20 yuan, walnut 38 yuan, bowl noodles 25 yuan, etc.). If you unpack it by hand, it will be added to the room rate when you check out.


A special recommendation is the swimming pool on the 7th floor, which is excellent. The water quality and water temperature are first-class, especially when you swim, the lifeguard always pays attention to you, and can also point out the shortcomings of your swimming process at any time, very meticulous and patient.