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Download and install the software of comic making tool

2018-02-22 06:24:00

I like comics, and I want to do it myself, but I can't start. Looking for some tools, or did not find the right one, but recently found an animation production software - Youman. So how to download and install Uman software?


A computer




First, open your browser, type "manga making" into the search box, and click the search button. In the results of the search, find the link shown below and click to go to the web page.


The web site offers 20 software, mostly image or graphics processing software.


We find the software to download at the bottom of the interface, here we want to download the software is Uman, directly find the link and click the link to enter the details interface.


Find the prompt button to download in the software download page, and click the button after finding it, as shown below.


Find a download link in the download address and click the link address to continue the download operation.


Once the file is downloaded, locate the downloaded file and extract the folder. Then find the decompressed executable file and install it.


The software is installed in point-and-shoot mode. Perform subsequent installation as prompted. The installation process is a little slow, and you can do other things in the meantime.


After the installation is complete, the software main window is displayed. The download and installation of the software is basically complete, and the next step is to be familiar with how to use the software.

Matters needing attention

If you can't draw, you can download some material to help you design your own comic