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Dr. Zhu: How should parents help their children through the puppy love period?

2018-05-04 04:48:48

Junior high school parents always warn their children not to fall in love. However, children who are in adolescence are very curious about things, and will inevitably resist the temptation to fall into the quagmire of puppy love. At this time, some parents will beat and scold their children in order to prevent their children from puppy love. But it often ends in tragedy. So how can parents help their children through the puppy love period? According to Dr. Zhu's teaching experience and analysis, the following points are sorted out: First of all, parents should understand their children, communicate with their children, treat their children as their close friends, good friends without words, so that children feel that you understand them and can stand in their position to consider the problem. In this way, they are willing to tell you their "secrets" without reservation, and also pave the way for you to do the next step. Secondly, when you know that children have a tendency to love, you can not punch, kick, impose pressure, nor can you speak harshly, sarcasm, which can only increase their resistance, complicate the problem, may go to a deeper level of development and change, and even go to extremes. Therefore, at this time, "blocking" has lost its role, and the guiding method will be more conducive to the solution of the problem. At this time, you may wish to calm down and have a heart-to-heart conversation with your child, and exchange heart for heart. Finally, the content of "guiding" also plays a crucial role, and guiding in the wrong direction can only backfire. Puppy love is a necessary stage of adolescence, to recognize the physiological and psychological state of adolescence, appropriate adolescent education for children, let children know that the physiological and psychological changes of adolescence are normal, there is no need to cause psychological panic, in order to reduce the psychological burden of children. Outlook on life orientation and value orientation is also an aspect that can not be ignored, tell them that love is a part of life, is a stage, but not all life, people's life should create their own value, belong to their own glory to realize their own outlook on life and values. To children, the opposite sex always gives them a sense of mystery. They often take the shortcomings of the opposite sex as advantages and blind its authenticity, so it is also necessary to guide children to correctly understand the opposite sex, encourage them to make more friends of the opposite sex, and remove the mystery of the opposite sex. The above is a small series according to Dr. Zhu's sharing, to provide parents with some suggestions on how to help their children through the puppy love period. Puppy love is not unforgivable. So please all parents with a good attitude to communicate with their children, to help children as soon as possible out of the puppy love period. In addition, I hope parents can care more about and understand their children.