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Driving classroom driving self-rescue knowledge

2018-05-05 09:36:29

Do you have a fire extinguisher in your car? Do you know anything about stopping car fires? If your vehicle is on fire and may fall into the water, do you know how to escape? Now let's catch up on car safety knowledge.

Driving classroom driving self-rescue knowledge

Cope with spontaneous combustion within 3 minutes can not extinguish the fire can run fast car fire, whether it is to save or escape, depending on the situation, generally speaking, the private car fire within 3 minutes may kill itself, if the burning is higher than three minutes, the danger is too great, as usual abandoned car escape is better. The owner of the car in the course of driving, once the burning smell may see smoke, the car should immediately stop in a peaceful place, and block the power supply, which is very important, because this can cut off the car burning and fuel injection, eliminate the probability of fire may be low damage. Then tighten the handbrake, separate the vehicle, and find out why. After inventing the fire, take the next action according to the situation.


Small fire quickly extinguish car fires are usually from a part of the fire and then stretched, if invented early, the fire is still limited to small parts of the fire, and only slight smoke, this time generally with their own car fire extinguisher can be relieved. If there is no fire extinguisher, think of others, and cover the fire with blankets and sand will probably kill.


If the engine room has begun to smoke and there is fire from the abuse, then the fire has grown to a serious level, do not open the hood to prevent the atmosphere of convection to increase the fire. At this time, you can pull the lock wrench, let the hood leak a gap, and then spray the fire extinguishing agent inside, and no smoke can be contained. That's when talent opens the hood and organizes things.


Don't expect your small car fire extinguisher can kill the fire, if more than 3 minutes can not effectively extinguish the fire, then the car should already be on fire. With their own power has been difficult to pull off, quickly separate, real-time slack passengers and onlookers may be well-intended to fund non-professionals, to stop causing harm.


Special reminder: The car fire belongs to the electrical fire, can not be extinguished with water, so that the gasoline will float on the water everywhere, causing the fire to expand. If your car is not equipped with a fire extinguisher, spend dozens of dollars to buy a large-capacity portable storage pressure dry powder fire extinguisher on the car easy to access the place. It should be reminded that such fire extinguishers also have a life span, and if the pressure pointer on the fire extinguisher indicates that it is lower than the green area, it should be replaced. There are many types of fire extinguishers, and the use method should follow the declaration on the bottle. The first disorderly modification may kill the car in the planning time to consider the car fire defense, such as the use of flame retardant materials, configuration of fuel disconnect device, etc., but because of poor maintenance, random modification may be accidental identity induced and other reasons, the car in the use of the process, still probably produce fire. To nip in the bud, you need to know something about cars. Chengdu famous automobile expert Luo Kaijun said, car fires are mostly because of the circuit and oil circuit obstruction excitation, although, some accidents may also lead to the life of the accident, for example, the car is not extinguished cigarette butt may be a lighter on the instrument table may be mosquito insecticide may become the source of fire.


Luo Kaijun said that the oil supply system container and the road is cut or loose caused by oil leakage is easy to cause fire, if the vehicle years are long, resulting in aging cracks in the oil, may not be proper use of maintenance, such as tamper with the oil road, may loose the discussion is probably caused by fuel leakage, if these oil caught up with the open fire may be burning at high temperature, leading to life disaster. Luo Gong said that the mobilizer of some vehicles is covered by a decorative cover, it is not easy to check whether the oil is aging and may discuss whether it is loose, and it is necessary to change the fuel soft strictly by listening to the maintenance of the statement.


Careful inspection of the circuit system of the anti-leakage car is huge, the electrical line is dense, and the fire risk of the car circuit system is smaller under normal circumstances, but it is probably caused by the driver's random modification, such as the abnormal change of high-power audio, illegal operation or circuit obstruction. For example, if the battery wiring is loose, the wire insulation may be damaged and aging, and it is easy to cause short circuit ignition between wiring and wiring, wiring and car body due to car fluctuations during driving, and it may also cause fire. If the car conditioner and other parts are obstructed, it may cause a fire.


If you are careless, the cigarette butt that should be thrown into the ash box is thrown on the interior blanket of the car, the lighter may be left on the dashboard and exposed to the sun, which may cause a fire. Not only lighters, refreshing agents, mosquito killers and other high-pressure filling gases are afraid of high temperature, summer car temperature in direct sunlight can be as high as 50 or 60 degrees, easy to make them explode. In addition, many farmers will enjoy straw and other items on the road in the summer, if it is wrapped in the exhaust of the car, the high temperature of the exhaust may also ignite these flammable hay.


First out of the car is the best way to drive once asked about the smell of burning may see smoke, immediately park in the peaceful place, and block the power supply, pull the handbrake, separate the vehicle, identify the cause, and immediately extinguish the fire when invented. However, if the fire of the vehicle is fierce, it is necessary not to experiment to kill it, and stay away from it to avoid the explosion of the vehicle fuel tank. If the car is on fire after a collision, if it is conscious and can roll, get out of the car as soon as possible, and the people next to it should also assist the injured person to separate the vehicle as soon as possible. If the door can not be opened, quickly hit the side window glass with powerful items, once the crack appears, you can kick the foot suddenly to escape. It is necessary to prepare an escape hammer in the car, and you can go to the market to buy an emergency flashlight with the results of knocking glass for emergencies. When used, the powerful steel pointed point is aimed at the glass, and it can be smashed down hard to break the glass. Multi-result emergency flashlight generally has the results of blocking and calm belt and lighting, warning and so on. If the car's serene bayonet is stuck in a collision, it is necessary to use this emergency flashlight to cut open the escape. When the vehicle falls into the water, because of the air pressure, it is difficult to drive the door, and the power window will fail, then if the car has manual Windows or sunroofs, escape from these places, if it is all electric Windows, then it needs a lifeline hammer.


If your clothes are on fire, you should quickly take off your clothes and may lie on the ground and turn gradually to extinguish the flame. You can also use water to put out fires. Do not stand upright or fly, that will only make the fire more intense. If injured, treat the wound immediately. In dealing with burns, it is important to prevent contamination of the injured surface and protect the wound from further damage. You can first soak a cotton ball in light soapy water, gently wipe off the oil stains, foreign bodies, sludge on the skin, and then rinse with 0.9% salt water, remove the shed skin, and gently bandage with gauze or clean clothes and handkerchief. In any case, if there is a burn, immediate medical attention is most important.