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Effective bec advanced training methods

2018-03-01 14:24:00

Have you ever thought about taking bec Higher? Do you hesitate to take the exam because you don't know bec Advanced training? Do you want to know what you should pay attention to in this exam? Perhaps you should do a related understanding of bec advanced training. There is no denying that we can learn a lot of methods and make effective review plans in the training course, but in addition, our own efforts are the most important. The training provided here mainly focuses on some basic answering methods and review methods. I hope it will be helpful for your review and examination Help. The BEC Oral test focuses on how candidates can solve business problems in an English language environment. Therefore, the preparation of the oral test and the writing part, must be double, in addition to the daily life of the necessary oral conversation, but also must have a certain knowledge of business, science, memorize their English expressions, and the common problems in business activities to have basic solutions and solutions. The significance of bec Advanced training for many people who take the Business English Advanced examination is not only the reference of methods, but also the adjustment of mentality, because only by mastering the good review methods can we be more active in the review, and can we achieve good review results and get good exam results. Of the three types of listening questions, "pairing selection" is the most troublesome. Pair selection asks candidates to identify the speaker and the subject of five different short talk paragraphs, and to select the correct five out of seven out-of-order alternatives. In the beginning, the paired choice questions were often wrong, and everyone said that it was not necessary to count the wrong number, or the right number was more efficient. Later, I gradually tried to grasp the theme from the main content of the dialogue, and my sense of business English gradually increased, and the correct rate finally began to improve, but it was not stable until the exam. This part is really very focused on language ability, and the key to cracking may lie in the clever transformation of a few words. The writing of BEC Advanced training is divided into two parts: "chart description" and "Report writing". The former may be completely unfamiliar to Chinese candidates, involving the description of various charts such as data tables, pie charts, bar charts, and curves, with a word count of more than 100 words and a time of 20 minutes. At the beginning, I felt that it was not easy to write a high-quality chart explanation in Chinese, let alone a concise statement of the key points of the chart, such as the overall characteristics, the trend of the main object, the maximum value, the minimum value, and the turning point. Fortunately, the expository text is relatively mechanical, and there are rules to follow. I sorted out the classroom materials, summed up some common sentence patterns and vocabulary, recited a few model essays, and soon got the hang of it. The writing part of the report reflects the guiding ideology of BEC exam emphasizing practicality. The questions are often one-sentence, without any prompts, and require candidates to organize answers and essays within 40 minutes. The above are just a few aspects of bec advanced training methods, which are also based on some question types. You can learn from these methods when reviewing, but it should be clear that everyone has different learning conditions, so you must pay attention to specific problems and specific analysis when reviewing, so as to find the most suitable method for you. For more learning materials, please visit our website. If the significance and role of this certificate is not large, we will not participate in this kind of exam, whether from the number of examinations and the gold content of the exam or the specific impact of the exam on the future work, we can understand the important role of the business English advanced certificate, so it is recommended that you prepare as soon as possible and review well. For more learning materials, please visit our website.