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Electric vehicle license where to do

2018-02-23 12:48:00

License is equivalent to the identity card of the vehicle, the vehicle without a license is not allowed on the road, with the improvement of the development system of urban traffic, now electric vehicles also need to be on the license, then how to handle the electric vehicle license?


Electric vehicle license to the local vehicle or handle, apply for registration of electric bicycle owners to submit the original ID card and a copy.


There are the original and copy of the invoice or receipt of the car, and the original certificate of conformity of the vehicle.


If the purchase invoice or receipt is lost, the vehicle owner should request the original buyer to replace it, and the vehicle owner can also entrust others to apply for the registration of electric bicycles.


When applying for vehicle registration on behalf of the agent, in addition to the above materials, he shall also submit his identity certificate and a copy.