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English Learning - Online English dictionary website recommendation

2018-03-01 17:36:00

In the process of English learning, it is inevitable that we will encounter some words that we do not know. At this time, we need to master the meaning of this word by looking up the dictionary. But for most people, although paper dictionaries are useful, they are not easy to carry. Then Xiaobian will recommend some online ways to query English words.




Google define- Quick and easy Google's own word search interface is very simple and clear, not only gives the word definition and pronunciation, but also provides relevant example sentences to help you understand the meaning of the word. How to use: define a word


Oxford Learner's is a more professional online dictionary, which has British and American pronunciation, to meet your needs for different pronunciation learning. There will also be some word games and word quizzes. If you want to learn English words through games, then this is for you.


Unlike other online dictionaries, this one has a daily word study to help you learn new words


This online dictionary focuses on the comparison of synonyms. By comparing words with similar meanings, you can understand the small differences between them, learn new expressions, and improve your ability to use words and write accurately.


Urban Dictionary- A good place to learn slang If you are a fan of American TV series, then this website is very suitable for you, when you watch American TV series, you can query the detailed usage of the slang you are interested in through this website, so that you can learn slang in the process of watching the series and improve the force.


This website does a very good job, by giving you sentences, let you choose the right word according to the context, choose right or wrong will have a feedback, this way will deepen your understanding of the context of the use of words, how to use will have a whole understanding. Over time, you'll make a huge improvement in both the quantity and quality of your vocabulary. END

Matters needing attention

The above list of some of the more typical online dictionary sites, it is recommended to use together