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"Escape Game: Unconnected Love" Clearance guide (1)

2018-02-22 17:36:00

A past that doesn't want to be mentioned, a room with a deep secret, a love that can't be connected.


The story slowly opened, no heavy mouth, no curiosity, only the gentle smile after the clearance, like the spring breeze like healing, today brings you the "escape game: can not connect the love" clearance process.


My grandfather used to live in a house. According to Grandpa, there seems to be a room with a machine in the ground of the house. It seems that the ancestors built it, but we don't know for what purpose. Hearing this, I could not restrain my curiosity and decided to sneak into the office to see.


Open the right drawer of the desk and get the bamboo knife


Use the bamboo knife to pick up the bag in the hole in the wall and take the whetstone in the bag.


Get the knife in the left corner of the cupboard.


First use a knife against the cloth bag on the table, find that the knife is not sharp enough, then use the whetstone to sharpen the knife, and finally, use the knife to cut the cloth bag to get a board


Place the board onto the board above the floor light to get the complete pattern.


Move the puzzle on the wall to the same pattern as the previous step, then open the door on the wall and get the screws.


Insert a screw into a small hole in the doll's chest and rotate it to get a piece of paper and record the contents.


Identify the four numbers: star 4, triangle 2, circle 3, and square 5.


9 Confirm the prompt in the drawing, and you can get the password 33 to open the password box (Process: according to the prompt of the paper and the drawing, you can get 7X4=28, 4x5 =20, 6x2 =12, 2x3 =6). Add the numbers together to 66 and divide by 2 to get the password over 33)


Enter the code on the box 33 Open the box and get the adhesive.