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Exercise to improve sleep

2018-04-21 17:36:16

With the gradual increase of life, school, work pressure, many people will appear at night can not sleep, no mental conditions during the day. Seriously affect the efficiency of the next day, many people ignore this body signal, let it cycle tired, miserable. Here are some exercises to help you sleep better.


Definition of insomnia 1. Insomnia is a subjective experience. 2. Insomniac is not satisfied with sleep time and/or sleep quality (it can also be expressed as a sense of unrecovery after sleep). 3. Daytime functions are affected.


The information illegally crawled from experience


Improve method 1 Keep a good work and rest habit. Work at sunrise and rest at sunset, don't often stay up late, don't sleep at night, don't get up in the morning. When your body clock is disrupted, your brain doesn't know whether to signal your body to sleep or to be active.


Improvement method 2 Brush your hair before going to bed. Choose a wood comb or corner comb, and comb for 10 minutes each before getting up in the morning or going to bed at night, which can increase blood pressure circulation and relieve stress and fatigue. When combing hair, first along the direction of the meridians, starting from the middle of the forehead, with even force, to the head, pillow, neck comb, and then comb both sides. Generally, comb the rest of the hundred until the scalp is slightly hot.


Some folk sayings also say "perm your feet before going to bed, take sleeping pills", "wash your feet before going to bed, take tonic", "raise mulch, raise people to protect your feet" and so on. The water temperature is about 40 degrees, the foot soaking time is 15-3 minutes, and ginger or Sichuan pepper can also be put in the water, which is also to promote blood circulation and improve sleep.


We all know that patting can make the microcirculation smooth, but it is impossible for someone to enjoy the service of patting on the massage pad every day. Rhythm can achieve the effect of orderly beating, but also relax the body and mind, stimulate the brain's anterior dense area, through nerve activation to increase brain blood flow and blood oxygen concentration.

Matters needing attention

If insomnia is very serious, it is still recommended to seek medical attention