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Expired fresh milk how to deal with not waste

2018-04-24 11:12:18

Expired fresh milk, if it has deteriorated, may have an odor, thickening, caking, etc., and is not suitable for drinking. But if it's just past its sell-by date, but it hasn't spoiled yet, then you can consider the following ways to dispose of it to avoid waste:


Make yogurt: You can heat expired fresh milk to 80℃-90℃, and then let it cool to the temperature range, add some yogurt or acidic substances (such as white vinegar or lemon juice) for fermentation. After fermenting for a while, you can get delicious homemade yogurt.


Make cheese: Heat fresh milk to 80℃-90℃, then add a coagulant (such as lemon juice or vinegar), wait for it to set, you can make cheese.


Make bread: Mix expired milk with other ingredients such as flour, eggs, sugar, and starter to make delicious bread.


Water your plants: Expired milk is a good source of phytonutrients that can be used to water your plants. Take care to dilute the milk, so as not to have an adverse effect on the plant.

Matters needing attention

It should be noted that if fresh milk deteriorates or has an odor, it is not suitable for consumption or reprocessing. Always follow food safety principles when handling any food and maintain hygiene when storing and using food.