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Face recognition how to bypass

2018-03-13 03:12:11

Taxi does not try to appear, now we often choose to travel, but also gradually real-name system, powerful, there are hitch, express, special car, taxi, driving, test driving and other functions, when doing hitch, need to carry out face recognition, how to bypass face recognition?


With the development of the Internet, more and more hitch cars, now no longer worry about like a taxi, the body is not clean, the car is old and so on. We are going from here to me today, I click Hitch, find [release cross-city itinerary];


In the Hitch interface, see the departure point and destination, enter the location you want to go to the corresponding departure point and destination, according to your personal schedule, fill in the travel time, you can also book a trip.


After we fill in the travel time, the system will pop up seat or not seat, seat means that the car can carry other people, not seat is the car can not carry other guests, of course, the price is different. I would definitely choose to share seats. In fact, it is rarely possible to share seats.


Click "Confirm release", pop-up prompt: in order to ensure the safety of travel, hitch passengers and owners need to complete face recognition.


Click on immediate recognition to carry out face recognition, in order to bypass, we only need to point the gray font [later recognition]. After clicking, enter the "waiting for the owner to accept the order" page, display your published itinerary.


Next, go back to the main page to view the published itinerary. The method is very simple, just click "identify later" on it.

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Author: qinb0922


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