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Famous amusement knowledge sharing: amusement equipment maintenance general knowledge

2018-04-09 17:36:08

The demand for public entertainment has doubled, and the amusement equipment in the scenic spot has been new every year, and the acceptance and maintenance of amusement equipment under high frequency operation is particularly important. Under normal circumstances, each amusement equipment has undergone strict quality inspection and acceptance procedures before installation and use, and it must be maintained in strict accordance with the standards in the scenic spot to ensure the service life and performance of the equipment.


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Different materials of amusement equipment use different cleaning and maintenance methods. Plastic and glass amusement equipment can be diluted with soapy water, disinfectant and dish soap, etc., and cleaned with a brush. Metal equipment to avoid the use of harsh cleaning products, you can first use a brush to remove rust, and then dry with a dry cloth.


When cleaning live equipment, make sure to cut off the power supply first, dry it with a dry cloth after cleaning, and check whether the equipment is dry thoroughly before running again.


Check whether all the connected parts of the equipment are loose, whether the parts are damaged, and whether the screws are loose.


Do a good job of daily inspection, weekly inspection, monthly inspection and other fixed frequency and non-fixed frequency of the inspection and maintenance work, so that the responsibility to the person, to eliminate improper handover, maintenance is not timely and other situations.


Make equipment maintenance records, timely replacement, update, scrap and other reports.