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"Fantasy Heroes" guild battle

2018-02-21 20:48:00

The Heroes of Fantasy Guild system has donations, guild copies, council meetings, council battles, and guild ICONS


Team level 25, will open the game guild system. Guild creation requires a certain number of diamonds to be consumed, and the average guild is capped at 50 members.


This page is based on experience


Rules introduction Warm reminder: both sides of the guild, please secretly arrange soldiers, do not be the enemy peeped into oh!

Method/Step 2

After the battle begins, both sides need to break through the layers of blockade from the outermost stronghold to attack the BOSS stronghold. In the battle, each level has two points, as long as you occupy one of them, you can proceed to the next. When attacking the BOSS stronghold, there will be a BOSS battle, and the damage done to the BOSS in the BOSS battle will be used as the criteria for the guild's victory. Work together with your partners and enjoy the output to the BOSS!


At the same time, "Fantasy Heroes" guild also opened fun play 6 cards representing different rewards, which can be viewed in the "very 6 over 1" system on the right side of the prize preview, players through the flip card, you can also get a double reward or refresh the number of rewards.


The prize from the flop can be refreshed once a day for free, and each refresh will get a free flop opportunity. If you continue to flip, you need to spend a certain number of diamonds.