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Fengning Bashang tourism guide, Fengning Bashang self-driving tour fun scenic guide

2018-02-25 17:36:00

When I tell people about the Silver Birch Valley, a lot of people don't know where it is. I am here to explain to you that the silver Birch Forest Carnival Valley belongs to the first day road scenic spot of Beijing North. Close to Qiansongba National Forest Park, it is only 3 kilometers from the river Zi of Fengdatan Town. Weekdays have been very want to go to the silver birch carnival Valley, but there has been no chance. This did not happen to meet a small weekend holiday, so tightly seized the opportunity to quickly arrange travel, ha ha. In fact, the silver birch Forest Happy Valley attracted me is its ace program - carnival night. It is said to be the town's hottest bonfire carnival, Wa people and Halloween-themed entertainment party.


From: I will not say more, from the white birch forest carnival Valley to have more than three hours of drive, Beijing North First day Road near the square Fengning Dam grassland because it is the closest natural grassland is also known as the "first grassland in Beijing North". Bashang Grassland is very famous in the photography world, and many Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei travelers and photographers who love to drive themselves will drive to the dam to pick up the style. The average temperature of Fengning Bashang grassland throughout the year is 24 degrees Celsius, there is no summer heat, refreshing and pleasant, and it has also become a good place for tourism in northern China, especially for the elderly and children like me.


The first day to Beijing North road has been more than once or twice, the dam is very large, so the best way to see here is to drive. Like me, many people like to go to Bashang for summer vacation in summer. The main features of the scenery on Bashang are grassland, lakes, wildflowers, birch forests, cattle and sheep everywhere in the soothing mountains and the unpredictable blue sky.


"Beijing North First Day Road" is an important part of the provincial planning and construction of the "National No. 1 Scenic highway", the current "Beijing North First Day Road" for planning and construction of 6 sections, more than 150 kilometers, now has opened four sections, driving in the "Beijing North First Day Road" can be forests, grasslands, flowers, lakes, wetlands, mountains and rivers and other landscapes panoramic view. And has "all the way to see the beautiful scenery on the dam" said.


When we first took the small traffic next to the second observation deck when I was excited ah, I really want to play immediately, but the companion said to wait for less people to go, then it was over, but fortunately, it was still due to my insistence on playing.


We played for a while to come out to the silver birch carnival valley nonsense not to say much, we take pictures to appreciate the progress of the day, the first in the eye is the entrance to the scenic spot.


We were on the second wave when we got in, so there were fewer people at the door!


People are not so many imagined, after all, there are fewer idle people like us!


This is the only Angle we can shoot from, which, to be honest, is pretty exciting, so just imagine what it was like.


So far, our trip is over, although the play is very tired, but the heart has already felt very satisfied, because I finally played the prairie theme bonfire carnival for a long time, so the journey is still very happy, looking forward to another trip to go there.