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Foodies - Some of the most popular food streets

2018-02-23 20:48:00

As a genuine foodie, this article introduces to you a few famous food streets, as well as traffic. Whether it is local food or tourists coming from afar, they can refer to one or two.


First of all, of course, is the most famous Confucius Temple. According to statistics, there are no less than 200 kinds of food and snacks in Fuzi Temple, which is the birthplace of snacks. Fu Zi Temple is more famous snacks are: aftertaste duck blood fans, Jiang Youji pot stickers, dragon beard sugar, small fat bear sugar gourd franchise, Tang Ji stinky tofu, cake dough, Huang Qin Ji cold powder. Access: Metro Line 1 Sanshan Street Station


The second thing to say is the lane. It is said that it was the former residence of Yin Feng, a famous anti-Japanese scholar in the Ming Dynasty. Today, Xiang is a small street full of local flavor. Mingwa Corridor here also has a variety of food: Hongze Lake fish pot stickers, old man covered rice, three fresh bean curd skin, flat meat wonton, easy to remember skin tripe noodles and so on. Food from all over the world. Transportation: Bus Lane station - 16 road, 28 road, 33 road, 35 road, 41 road, 100 road,y16 road night


The third one to mention is Coe Lane. It's an endless alley with a full stomach. There are Fuyin big chestnuts, there are Hongfu noodles known as "challenge noodles", and Tao Ji braised chicken. It will definitely fill you up. Transportation: Bus Kexiang Station - 44 road; Route 304; y1 road at night


The fourth is the Lion Bridge Pedestrian Street. This is the first food street outside the Confucius Temple. This food street not only has local food, time-honored brands have set up points here. At the same time, the alleys around the road also hide a variety of food. Access: Subway Line 1 Xuanwumen Station Exit 4, walk 1000 meters


Next, I would like to introduce Wufu Street to you. Wufu Street is just an ordinary small street, and the environment layout is not much different from ordinary streets. But because there are so many unforgettable food here, it has been called "the only large-scale folk food distribution center" by netizens. Transportation: Bus Jiqingmen Station - 85 road, y12 road at night


Then I told you about Sanpai Lou Street. During the day, there are only a few restaurants here, but at night, the stalls here will be full. There is a snack market, mainly barbecue, but each family has its own unique taste. Transportation: Bus Sanpai Lou Street station -- No. 13; Route 32


Finally, Hee-Nam-ri. Transportation: Bus Shengzhou Road, Sanshan Street -- Road 4; Route 16; Route 37; The 40th road; Route 166; y4 road at night