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Fujian Quanzhou adult college entrance examination promotion notes

2018-01-02 11:12:00
This year, we will increase the number of postgraduate students enrolled and upgraded to higher education levels, increase the number of community-level medical and social service positions, and increase support for small and micro enterprises in recruiting college graduates for employment. This is good news for students who are preparing to participate in the 2020 Fujian College entrance examination! So are you ready to study for the test? How to prepare for the college entrance examination? Quanzhou Strait vocational training school teacher here to dispel doubts.
What is a higher education?

Full-time general college graduates in the second semester of the third year of college to participate in the unified examination organized by the provincial education examination institute, according to the original major or related majors to undergraduate colleges and universities to continue two years of full-time undergraduate education, commonly known as the unified enrollment of higher education, can also be called general high school upgrade, this year's upgrade, full-time upgrade, etc. This exam is aimed at college students who take the full-time undergraduate exam. Because it is a 3-year junior college + 2-year full-time study of this section, you can obtain a full-time undergraduate degree and degree certificate, also known as the 3+2 college entrance examination.

How to prepare for college entrance examination?

Determine the major categories to apply for and choose the colleges to apply for. Comprehensive collection of adult college entrance examination information. For example: When to register for the adult college entrance examination? When to fill out the application? When should we pay attention to fill in the volunteer? This information will be detailed on the official website.


Arrange review plan according to your own situation. Take a look at the experience of our predecessors. Whether or not you have experience in test preparation, it's helpful to look at the experiences of others. After all, a test is a test, and only those who have taken it are more qualified to speak.


Focus on mastering the basics. The review should focus on textbooks. Any examination should be based on textbooks, although there is no designated textbook for adult college entrance examination, no matter what version of the textbook is written according to the adult college entrance examination syllabus, so the importance of textbooks is self-evident, all the questions, whether difficult or not, come from textbooks, some of which seem to have never been seen in the book, but they just change a way, It's still in the textbooks. So the most important thing is to master the textbook.


In order to help students prepare for the exam, the teachers of Quanzhou Strait School sorted out the 2020 Fujian Provincial entrance examination training course. Sign up for a free one-to-one teacher test.

Matters needing attention

Be careful not to miss all the important stages of the adult college entrance examination


Don't rush to hand in the paper, check it carefully