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Gear machining to produce the characteristics of the oil mist and oil mist purification method

2018-05-01 11:12:53

Gear grinding coolant volatilizing oil mist or gear heat treatment process of mineral oil heating volatilizing fume, its essence is suspended in the air of small particles, its particle size is generally between 10-2 ~ 102 μm. For small particle purification, absorption method, adsorption method and electrostatic method are generally used in industry. The absorption (attachment) method occupies a large area, the absorption (adsorption) agent needs to be supplemented and regenerated, and more supporting facilities are required, so it is not suitable for gear machining workshops. The characteristics of the pollution source in gear processing workshop are small pollution amount, many pollution sources and long pollution duration. Therefore, the appropriate purification method should be the small footprint of the long device, easy installation and use, compact structure, and high purification efficiency. Electrostatic method proved to be one of the best methods. The principle of electrostatic purification is to use the corona discharge method to ionize the air, so that the oil smoke particles in the air are charged, and through the electric field, the charged particle rejector moves towards the discharge electrode under the action of the electric field force, and then accumulates after discharge to recover. The discharge is the principle of clean air electrostatic purification has long been applied in industry, according to the characteristics of the source of pollution in the gear processing workshop, the design of the purifier is mainly solved: ① the miniaturization of the device (covers an area equivalent to the machine tool control cabinet), convenient configuration next to any equipment, suitable for the purification requirements of multi-dust sources; ② Structural optimization design to ensure a purification capacity; ③ Improve the reliability of equipment operation and improve purification efficiency.