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Germany imported hydraulic torque wrench is good?

2018-05-04 11:12:33

We can see the use of hydraulic wrenches in many fields, especially for large specification bolts, it is a practical tool, in the early years we have been imported, but with the development of the hydraulic machinery industry is getting better and better, domestic hydraulic wrenches have become the first choice for many users, However, there are still some users want to know "Germany imported hydraulic torque wrench is good", the following is a detailed answer for you.


As we all know, Germany as an industrial power, so in the quality is certainly passed, but compared with domestic, imported hydraulic wrench in the after-sales cycle of this aspect is more difficult, because the distance is far, so it can not respond in time, will bring a lot of trouble to the field use. So now more and more people use domestic ones.


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