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Giant xtc750 configuration

2018-03-02 01:36:00

The Giant xtc750 is equipped with the Giant xtc series and uses the xtc aluminum frame, which is more professional, lighter and stronger than the atx frame, and has rear triangle shock absorption system. xtc series mountain bikes are more suitable for amateur competition, as well as mountain cross-country.


Giant xtc750


The 2014 Giant XTC750 was officially released by Giant in December 2013, the XTC750 makes the frame more rigid than the ultimate, more lightweight mountain bike, not only the ultimate weapon for riding, but also an indispensable right hand in alpine cross-country. Compared with the previous 750 series, the gear change package is upgraded to the DEORE 30S package, the speed change enjoyment during the race, but also to the extraordinary enjoyment of riding, to achieve easy speed change. Official guide price: 3,798 RMB


Dimensions: 26X15.5M/17/19/21 Frame: GIANT ALUXX SL Mountain bike frame front fork: GIANT WIN wire control anti-lock magnesium alloy shock absorber front fork


Transmission system: SHIMANO DEORE 30S Brake system: SHIMANO 355 hydraulic disc brake (front disc 180mm, rear disc 160mm) Seat cushion: GIANT CONNECT mountain bike seat cushion


Wheel set: MAVIC ring + Perine flower drum tire: MAXXIS M309P CROSSMARK 26X1.95 tire


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