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Grasp the key points of whitening skin whitening faster and more comprehensive

2018-04-11 12:48:07

Many MM has been concerned about the skin care work, for the white and delicate skin in the effort, then how to whiten it? Today, let Xiaobian reveal four key points for whitening skin, seize the good time for whitening, and make your skin whitening faster and more comprehensive.


Whitening the first step deep cleaning how to achieve the requirements of deep cleaning skin? Many MM will think of washing your face, but washing your face is only a part of deep cleaning, want to fully clean the skin, you should also adhere to a deep cleaning mask for the skin every week, only completely eliminate the oil and dirt in the pores, in order to improve the skin from the root, to lay a good foundation for whitening skin. Small edition tips: once a week for the skin deep cleaning mask is the simplest way to deep clean dew, but small edition suggests that before applying the mask, you can first apply a hot towel to the face skin for 2-3 minutes, which can open the pores, soften the cutin, shrink the pores, and the oil and dirt in the pores can also float to the pores, more thoroughly clean the skin.


Do a good job of skin whitening and conditioning in the life of many MM will have such distress, clearly do their own whitening homework and do a lot, but the face did not see much color, what is the reason for this reason? In addition to the problems of methods and skin care products, whether the melanin of the skin is cleared is a big reason, the melanin of the skin is not removed, the skin will certainly not whiten up, so when you encounter this trouble, in addition to checking your skin care methods, you may wish to add a procedure for your own whitening homework, and do a good job of conditioning for the United States. You can use moisturizing toner containing whitening ingredients to condition the skin, usually as a toner to use it.


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The skin at night is in a more active state, but also a state of self-repair, at this time if you seize this critical period of skin care, for the skin to do comprehensive whitening care, nutrients can be more quickly absorbed by the skin, so the use of night is the golden period of skin care. After doing the daily whitening care homework, you can also apply a whitening night mask to the skin before going to bed, so that the skin can also get the best sleeping room whitening repair at night.