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Guiyang special food guide

2017-12-31 19:12:00
Guiyang is also known as Forest City and summer capital, winter without cold, summer without heat another spring city in China. Guiyang is also known as forest city and summer capital, winter without cold, summer without heat another tourist spring city in China. Yanglang chicken: is a very spicy hot pot dish. Chicken is freshly killed, chicken blood can be eaten raw, but need to be explained in advance. The price is about 18 yuan/jin, you can want half. Lotus leaf Ciba: 22 years of the Republic of China (1933) Guiyang North Gate Bridge (fountain) with a food store called \" mirror spring Zhai \", the above glutinous materials, white sugar, cold sugar, rose sesame, washed sand, peanuts, walnut and other raw materials. Making method: First, the glutinous rice is beaten into glutinous rice cake, divided into small bowls, and then put into a frying pan to bake into thin slices with lard, add sugar heart, fold into half and bake again, the baba is yellow and crispy, and the sugar heart is melted. After the "mirror spring" lotus glutinous rice cake spread throughout the city, Guiyang City recognized as a famous snack. Tofu dumplings: tofu as the main material special processing. Deep-fried, crispy outside and tender inside, dipped in water is a special spicy water with sour radish and broken ear root as seasoning,0.50 yuan/piece. Lei Jia Tofu dumplings in the flower and Bird Market of Yangming Road are the most delicious. Dong pickled pickled cabbage: Dong pickled sour products are representative of pickled fish and cured meat. When you pickle a fish, you cut it open, gut it, put a layer of salt on it, After three or four days, mix glutinous rice, chili powder, ginger powder, Sichuan pepper, garlic paste, cooking wine, food alkali and water into bad material, fill the fish belly, and then a layer of fish, a layer of bad material, stacked in the pickled bucket, covered with banana leaf or palm leaf, sealed around with grass, the remaining bad material bagged also pressed on the top, the bucket filled with water to isolate the air. It can be eaten after 40 days. The longer it marinates, the better it tastes. The bacteria in the pickled fish have been killed, so take out and eat. The meat of pickled fish is red and soft, and the taste is bittersweet. The preparation method of pickled sour meat is the same. The pickled fish is red and soft, with a sour taste. Silk dolls: Among Guiyang's savory snacks, silk dolls are perhaps the cheapest. At first hearing the name, it is a little strange, in fact, it is a vegetarian spring roll, because it is wrapped like a "swaddling" baby to help get this name. On the long stand table, there are ten or twenty kinds of radish shreds, bean sprouts, chopped ear root, kelp and other shredded vegetables, which are cut very fine in red, white, yellow, black and other colors. The diners first use a two-inch diameter pancake made of flour, put a variety of shredded vegetables, wrap it slowly, and then pour the condiments made of chili paste, soy sauce, vinegar, green onion, MSG and so on. The taste is very attractive. Rice tofu: is a famous snack in Guizhou, it is washed with rice, soaked and ground into rice milk, and then cooked by fire to make "tofu ". When eating, slice into a plate, and then cut the kohlrabi, salt cabbage, crisp beans, crisp peanuts, onion on the rice tofu, with a small bowl into red oil, sesame oil, Sichuan pepper oil, soy sauce, vinegar, ginger juice, garlic water and other seasonings into juice, pour on the rice tofu can be. Folding ear root: Folding ear root, also known as Houttuynium, its specific smell, rich in protein, fat and rich carbohydrates, has the magic effect of clearing heat and detoxification, diuretic detumification, appetizing qi, can be used as medicine. Folding ear root fried shredded meat, spicy crisp, unique flavor, set the delicious meat and folding ear root of the strange fragrance in one, people can not bear the taste of folding ear root and folding ear root fried shredded meat is very different, this dish is crisp and refreshing, open the appetite, the more chewing the more fragrant, do not have fun, although the local flavor is strong, but often on the elegant hall, so overseas guests compete to appreciate. Although the local flavor is strong, it often goes to the elegant hall, so that overseas guests are eager to appreciate. Wujiang silver carp tofu hot pot: on the way from Guiyang to Zunyi, there is a small town on the Wujiang River. Wujiang silver carp tofu hot pot is a local famous dish. I had eaten there once when I passed by before, when the owner picked a live silver carp weighing three or four catties and slaughtered it on the spot. The waiter put on the liquefied gas fuel, put the sliced silver carp and tofu and other condiments into a small aluminum basin, and began to heat. I wonder why the simmer has an aluminum basin instead of a casserole or copper pot? Probably because they don't produce casseroles locally. Although less spicy, but still hot nose DC, open mouth. Some of my colleagues ate four small bowls of rice, and I also more than doubled my usual meal. The atmosphere, the scene, the delicious, still remember. Sour soup fish: Guizhou Miao people love to eat acid, known as "three days do not eat acid, walk to play skewers", after farm work back home, spoon a spoonful of sour soup to drink, both tired and appetizer. Of course, cooking is no exception, and sour fish soup is a classic one. Sour fish soup is made with sauerkraut juice and fresh carp or grass carp. Miao people like to use pickled cabbage juice to cook fish, so it is called sour fish soup. Miao people use this dish whenever they celebrate festivals or entertain relatives and friends. Wash the live fish. The wok is then filled with a sour soup made with sauerkraut juice and local cherry tomatoes. After boiling, put the whole fish and chili block, add Sichuan pepper, salt, cook until the fish is mature, remove the pan from the heat, cool, take out the fish and soup, add chili powder to mix it into a delicious sour soup fish. Huajiang Dog meat: Huajiang dog meat has a history of over 100 years. Huajiang dog meat eating method is particular, the stewed dog meat is cut into slices or pieces, with a bowl, the hot original dog meat soup into the bowl, add ginger, onion, pepper, coriander and so on. Then give a plate of rich condiments of chili water, dip while eating, hot and spicy, fragrant and hemp, fresh and delicious, delicious taste. If you add a glass of wine, even more wonderful. The reason why the dog meat is famous inside and outside the province, because the fat people eat will not increase fat, have the effect of reducing blood pressure in patients with hypertension, the elderly invalescent and children who have a lot of night urine, eat the effect of strengthening the body and stopping night urine. It has the effect of reducing blood pressure in patients with hypertension, and the elderly infirm and children who have a lot of night urine have the effect of strengthening the body and tonifying qi and stopping night urine. Huaxi Beef powder: Huaxi is a place name of Guiyang, the local people like to eat hot pepper, more like to eat this Huaxi beef powder. This powder, in fact, is to add beef powder, but there is attention to cooking: the beef is washed and cut into large pieces into the pot to cook until half-cooked, with a clean pot to add water, sugar color, spices to boil half of the beef cook until cooked, remove, cut into 5 cm long, 3 cm wide slices; Cut the other half of the beef into squares and simmer over low heat. Cut the pickled lotus into chunks. Cut the coriander into sections. Put the rice noodles in a pot of boiling water and heat thoroughly. Then put the sliced beef and stewed diced beef, sour lotus white and coriander on the flour. Spoon in the original juice soup, mixed oil, monosodium glutamate, ground pepper and pepper. Love tofu fruit: love tofu fruit is one of the famous snacks in Guiyang, its name is strange, meaningful, a saying is: in the past, most of the people who eat tofu fruit are lovers, lovers, they eat, while talking quietly, which is more interesting than the change of love say love on the road; Another saying is: People who have eaten this kind of tofu fruit, it is difficult to forget it, always want to eat, love it. Love tofu fruit is tofu cut into small pieces, put on the iron net with oil, bake with sawwood, to bake to the shell of the burnt yellow oil, like blowing into the same expansion, cut a mouth, into the chili, sauce shantou salt, vinegar, sesame oil, MSG, onion, garlic, ginger, fold ear root and other mixed into the "dip water ", spicy sweet and tender hot, salty and refreshing. Chang Wang noodles: When it comes to Guiyang snacks, naturally, we should first promote Chang Wang noodles." Chang Wang "is a homophony of" Chang Wang ", meaning auspicious, Chang Wang noodles began in the late Qing Dynasty, has a history of more than 100 years, mainly with egg noodles, pig intestines, pig blood Wang, crispy shao four raw materials, and then with more than 20 ingredients and seasonings, through 12 processes processing. The noodles are crisp, the blood is rich and tender, the bean sprouts are sweet, spicy but not fierce, the oil is bright and not greasy, and the soup has a beautiful taste and a long aftertaste.