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Guizhou Tourism Guide (Guangdong, Guangxi to Guizhou Tourism Guide)

2017-12-31 20:48:00
The world famous mountain tourism destination and mountain tourism province, the country's first national big data comprehensive pilot zone, the national ecological civilization pilot zone, the inland open economy pilot zone. The only province in the country without plain support
Travel route planning

First stop Duyun: Recommended 2 days itinerary 1: Maojian Town -- Tea Expo Garden -- Hantang Film and Television City -- Luobang Film and Television base (if time is tight, you can abandon this scenic spot) -- Xianchu Lake Central Park (there are hiking trails in the west of the lake, steep and exciting) Itinerary 2: Cape Mountain scenic area - Sanjiang Yan - Qingyun Lake National Forest Park (larger in the scenic area, as appropriate) - Evening Nansha, Wenfeng Park. Food recommendation 1: Wang Ji spicy shrimp (Duyun Caihongqiao Food Street, Baidu map can be searched, there is "experience Guizhou spicy, Wang Ji spicy shrimp" reputation, about 35 yuan per capita), when I go, the first day to eat shrimp, the second day to eat crab, is really super delicious. Food recommendation 2: Barbecue, skewers should occupy half of the sky, and it is best to wank on Seventh Street at night (warm reminder: although it is wank, but the price is not cheap oh)


Two stations Libo: Recommended 1 day itinerary 1: XiaoQikong (5A scenic spot, Libo China's emerald, Xiaoqikong is a giant beautiful place in Guizhou, and HuangGuoshu, never regret the tourist resort) Food recommendation 1: Smelly acid (smelly acid is also known as ugly acid, is the most characteristic dishes in Libo County. About 65 yuan per person) Food recommendation 2: Sour meat (is a local specialty food, outsiders generally can not eat, because it is raw meat and very sour)


Three stations Guiyang: recommended 1 day trip 1: Qianlingshan Park (ticket 5 yuan, students 3 yuan, high cost performance, in which you can have zero contact with monkeys, thousands of monkeys all over the mountains) Food recommendation 1: Fish sweet tofu (is roasted tofu, sold on the street, affordable, or very delicious) Food recommendation 2: silk doll (special food snacks, summer heat relief tool)


Four stations Longli: half day Shuanglong Town Wushan Grand Canyon (Guiyang people love to go to one of the places) Food recommendation: go to the city to eat, the scenic spot is more expensive, recommend the use of group purchase software to order meals, cheap and cost-effective.


Huangguoshu five stations: Recommended 1 day, through Guiyang to travel one: Huangguoshu is one of the most famous scenic spots in Guizhou, it and the small seven holes are completely two extremes, majestic, a thousand miles, the shock can not be expressed in words. Food recommendation 1: Huajiang dog meat (Originally produced in Huajiang Town, Guanling County, Huajiang dog meat, the preparation method is exquisite, coupled with the nourishing effect of dog meat itself, so that people tend to eat it quickly.) Food recommendation 2: Chang Wang noodles (fresh pig big (fat) sausage and pig blood Wang as the main ingredients, large intestines and a variety of ingredients to simmer to appropriate, blood Wang can be slightly hot, noodles use local special wet noodles, plus crispy whistle, red oil, pea tips and other ingredients, noodles red and crispy, soup color bright red, spicy but not fierce, strong taste.)


6. The following attractions can be added according to the schedule to facilitate the route and save time, only the above several famous attractions are recommended, and the following are also well-known, such as time is abundant, worth going to: South Guizhou Huishui Radio, Guiyang Qingyan Ancient Town, Qiandongnan Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village, Tongren Fanjing Mountain and so on. END