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Happy Valley self-help tour guide

2018-04-08 11:12:10

There are many projects open in winter, and the performances are good. It's a nice place, especially if it's fun. It consists of six themed areas: Fjords Forest, Atlantis, Lost Maya, Aegean Harbor, Shangri-La and Ant Kingdom.


Since you have entered the Happy Valley, you should forget all the troubles and unhappiness, with a heart and tolerance, deduce your own happy course, and explore the true meaning of joy. Where is the joy? Joy is in the realization of the present, in the red grass green, in the smiling faces of people, in the dreamlike landscape, in the exciting scream, in the classic legends and stories, in the beautiful melody and fashion beats. Joy is in your heart! Do not encounter any unhappiness, always face you and me with a smiling face! This is the code of joy!


How can I experience more joy in my limited time? According to your different preferences, we recommend: 1, like equipment friends, you can choose to play from Monday to Friday, these days there are relatively few people in line, you can experience more of their favorite amusement equipment in the shortest time. 2, like to watch the cultural landscape and art performances of friends, it is recommended to choose Saturday or Sunday garden. In this way, people take you as the scene, you take people as the scene, happy! 3, like large activities of friends, you can choose holidays, especially golden Week into Happy Valley. Here can be found belongs to the public carnival scene!


Friends who come to play many times can choose to buy an annual card, play Happy Valley unlimited times throughout the year, come in when the park opens every day, retreat after playing cool, smart and free!


Happy Valley selects the world's classic civilization and creative wisdom, and carefully sets up more than 50 theme landscapes, more than 10 theme performances, more than 30 theme amusement facilities, more than 20 theme games and commercial auxiliary facilities to create a mysterious and fantastic world. Happy Valley has more than 300,000 square meters of green, 80,000 square meters of lake to give Happy Valley a good ecological environment; Seven theme areas give Happy Valley a unique humanistic temperament; International double standard safety testing, humanized service and intelligent information system give Happy Valley world-class quality; The international top amusement facilities and the international gold Award performance strength give Happy Valley the height of leading the world!


Route Selection Senior Tour Recommended route: Circle Train → "Energy Spaceship" → Magic Theater → Lunch at Atlantis Fast Food Restaurant → Enjoy 4D movie at Palace Cinema → Insect Carnival Parade → Flower Land Drifting → Tashidelay Shooting Range → "Mayan Disaster" melodrama → "Don't listen, don't Look, Don't Tell" → OCT Grand Theater watch "Golden Face Dynasty" → Dream Bright Parade. Recommended route for Family garden: Sightseeing bus → Angel Wings → Surfers → Bubble Hall → Palace Cinema 4D blockbuster → Ant Restaurant to enjoy lunch → Happy cup → Happy jump → Samba balloon → Bug Pie team → Small green frog jump → Mini shuttle → Fashion carnival parade → Music shop → Exotic Morgue → Shambala Pagoda → Snow circle → Maya Disaster → Raiders of the Lost Ark → Big Straw hat → The sound of the Cave → Happy water balloon → Klo Soth Restaurant → OCT Grand Theater Watch The Golden Face Dynasty → Magic Theater → Dream Bright Parade. Cool tour route: Crystal God Wing → Speed Car →X Chariot → Happy Valley KFC Restaurant → Trojan Horse → Odyssey → Sun God Car → Jungle Car → Heaven and Earth Duo → Snow Golden Wings → Shambhala Barbecue → Rush Hour →DISK "O" → Dream Bright Parade.


The integration of roles and professional actors pk dance skills, join the action film shooting; Imagine yourself entering the epic of Homer, experiencing the world of Aegean civilization in remote Ancient Greece; Breaking through the heavy obstacles, arrived in the mind of Shangri-La, tourist friends can interact in the performance, the interpretation of different scenes and civilization background, can let the tourist friends into the role of carnival, create a happy atmosphere, which is also a unique secret of Happy Valley ah.