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House pets are careful of catching diseases

2018-01-01 14:24:00
Nowadays, people's life is getting better and better, food, clothing, housing and everything is not short, many families began to raise cats, dogs, and a variety of lovely pets, pet as a human love, but do not know that the cute pet hidden behind a variety of harmful infectious bacteria, over time with the pet contact, pets with some harmful bacteria will be transmitted to the family, for the body and for the bad. Therefore, for domestic pet personnel must pay attention to pet raising, can not be ignored.



Infectious disease

Some of the most common infectious diseases in pets:

In rural areas, most families basically keep dogs, which is also the indulgence of rural people. For these rural people, dogs are mainly raised to prevent dogs from being used as guards to prevent bad people from invading them. However, in the face of these dogs raised in rural areas, strangers are basically barking and biting, and some may be mad dogs, like these people bitten by dogs are the most susceptible to rabies. If it is not treated in time after the bite, it is likely to die after central nervous paralysis, so it should be paid special attention to.


City dogs are basically some of the more cute pet dogs, these pet dogs seem cute and likable, some even pet dogs, hug and hug and kiss me, but I do not know that behind these cute will also hide a variety of diseases harmful to the human body, but it is not easy to detect! When the human body and pet dog cuddle, kiss after the most easy to bring the bacteria in the pet into the human body, causing discomfort or infection of germs, should be vigilant, can not be cute because of the pet appearance, tame, and shut their eyes, because any dog bite, the consequences are not envisaged, especially for the wild dog outside the most terrible, so for the family's physical and mental health, It's better not to keep a pet dog.


Cats are basically the most common everywhere, people always like to mistake cats for not biting people, and think that cats are the cutest and most docile. At the same time, cats will bring certain benefits to the family, believing that there will be no mice in the house if there is a cat, and cats will catch mice for the family, so they only know these benefits, they do not know that there are too many transmitted diseases hidden behind cats. I still remember watching some common sense about cats on TV, which made me realize that it was so terrible to have a pet cat. As far as the cat is concerned, the food it eats, the water it drinks and the feces it pulls out all carry certain parasites. When the cat has parasites, it will have a series of changes in its body. The body growth is slow, the fur is messy, and it is prone to vomiting, diarrhea or inability to pull out stool, thus causing the belly to expand. If you have a cat at home, you must take preventive measures, clean the cat's living area at any time and anywhere, clean the utensils you eat, clean the food you can't eat, clean up the cat stool in time to avoid the spread of parasites to the human body, if necessary, timely for the cat to do regular worming methods to avoid parasitic roundworms in the cat. If the family can not do these aspects, it is best not to keep pet cats, pet cats are cute, but there are certain sexually transmitted diseases, it is very bad for the physical and mental health of the family, should be paid special attention to.


Secondly, the cat's range of activities is relatively wide, disorderly activities outside the home, coupled with the intestinal easy to breed parasites, which most easily lead to diarrhea in the cat, poor absorption and anemia in the cat, then the white blood cells in the body will increase in large numbers, causing a variety of different diseases, but people are not easy to find! It is important to know that animals and human bodies are the same, because the body has a variety of discomfort, it will lead to a series of diseases, causing harmful cells to increase. At this time, the cat in the home has these diseases, the home is not timely handled hygiene, the cat defecates everywhere, and the family is not easy to find, it is easy to transmit the disease to the family, in order to avoid the best to let the cat in the home in a position, can not let the cat run around at will, disorderly stool, but also regularly do for the cat to worm, the cat's location for disinfection, If necessary, it is best to put the cat far away from home, close to the sun, which can kill harmful bacteria and prevent human infection.


In addition, pay special attention to the cat's diet, not to eat cold things to the cat, because the cat is most prone to gastrointestinal discomfort after eating, causing chronic diarrhea or vomiting like people, which causes slow growth and is not easy to grow the body. Some families think that cats like to eat fish or meat, so they buy fish, fish offal or some unnecessary raw meat thrown to the cat to eat, the cat is easy to cause disease after eating, so it is best to cook cat food in the cat to eat, can avoid cat disease or disease caused by leukocytosis and infection to the human body.

Matters needing attention

No matter what kind of pet is susceptible to infection, in order to avoid the home is best not to keep as well, if you want to keep must do diligent hygiene, do disinfection.


It is best to keep pets away from home, but also to be diligent in hygiene, if you can't do it, it is best not to keep, after all, any pet will have infections or infectious diseases.


Pets like to walk around, the most easy to breed fleas and lice, should pay special attention to so as not to bring these to the human body and itchy skin infection.


Anyone bitten by a pet has a certain toxicity, if not handled properly will cause a certain danger to life.


If you are bitten by a pet, whether it is minor or serious injury, you should go to the epidemic prevention station in time to deal with it, so as not to cause danger in the future.


For mad dogs and mad cats, after biting more properly handled, if mishandled immediately endanger life, the most attention should be paid.


Any pet is cute, but how much will you know behind the cute? Therefore, whether cute or not should pay attention to, do not let the pet to scratch or bite, the best way is not to keep pets, so as not to cause unnecessary danger.


I experience original, pictures from the network, after a careful summary of some of the harmful experience of pet common sense, if you can help you, please pay attention to collection! If you have any questions, please leave a message! Do help reply.