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How can IT professionals prevent dry eyes?

2018-05-14 14:24:29

Abnormal dry eye is a common eye disease, in recent years, dry eye disease is gradually increasing, IT personnel how to prevent and reduce dry eye disease? This is a lot of patients often ask questions, let's understand below!


IT personnel should do: (1) First of all, to develop the habit of blinking more. Professionals believe that dry eye disease is a stress disorder in which the eyes stare in one direction for a long time. Therefore, the best way to avoid eye fatigue is to rest properly and avoid continuous operation. In general, the average person blinks less than 5 times per minute to dry out the eyes. A person who blinks only a third of the time when working at a computer should make a conscious effort to blink more and rest their eyes at least once every hour. In addition, the position and distance of the work are also important. The monitor is lowered, the seat is raised, and the most appropriate posture is adjusted, so that the line of sight can be maintained down for about 30o, and the distance between the eyes and the screen is maintained at more than 60cm, which can relax the neck muscles, and the area of the eyeball surface exposed to the air is significantly reduced. (2) Secondly, you should eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, while increasing the intake of vitamins A, B1, C, E. In order to prevent corneal dryness, eye dryness, vision loss, and even night blindness, computer operators should eat more foods rich in vitamin A, such as soy products, fish, milk, walnuts, greens, Chinese cabbage, water spinach, tomatoes and fresh fruit. Vitamin C can effectively inhibit cellular oxidation. The main role of vitamin E is to lower cholesterol and remove waste from the body. Walnuts and peanuts are rich in vitamin E. Vitamin B1 can nourish nerves, green leafy vegetables contain a lot of vitamin B1. Green tea can be properly drunk every day, because the lipopolysaccharide in tea can improve the body's hematopoietic function, and tea has the function of preventing radiation damage. (3) Again, the ambient lighting should be soft. In order to avoid the reflection or unclear screen, the computer should not be placed on the opposite side or back of the window, if the operator has a window behind it, the curtain should be drawn to avoid the light shining directly on the screen to reflect bright images causing eye fatigue. (4) Finally, you can use some eye drops appropriately. Such as Runjie, Befusol, Seravil and artificial tears, etc. In addition, eye health exercises can also play a role in relaxing the eyes and reducing visual fatigue. The essence of eye exercise is self-massage, which is to increase the blood circulation in the eye socket by self-massaging the acupoints and skin muscles around the eye and achieve the purpose of eliminating eye fatigue. END


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Matters needing attention

The harm of dry eye is mainly concentrated on the decline of vision, and it is very obvious and irreversible. Specific analysis: First of all, the patient's vision is gradually blurred, the eye has a dry sense, often do conscious blinking. In fact, many times are the lack of tear moisture or due to the lack of vitamins caused, so the diet is generally used. Eye disease treatment to supply vitamin A, in the diet to eat more vitamin A yuan of food, such as milk, cream, egg yolk, pig liver, carrots, tomatoes and red and yellow fruits, you can also directly eat cod liver oil pills.